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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Fix cutscenes for ultrawide monitors Install: Open the patch and select the file Epic Games\Mortal Shell\Dungeonhaven\Binaries\Win64 check the backup box and then press start Password: pcgw
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Ultrawide Fix - Adds support for ultrawide monitors Password: pcgw Install: Open the patch and select the file SJGAME-Win64-Shipping.exe in Steam \ steamapps \ common \ SamuraiJack \ SJGAME \ Binaries \ Win64, check the backup box and then press start Note: Follow the tutorial below Unpack SJGAME-Win64-Shipping.exe using Steamless Rename SJGAME-Win64-Shipping.exe.unpacked.exe to SJGAME-Win64-Shipping.exe, apply the patch!
  3. This has been fixed and will be released soon
  4. Version 1.0.4


    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trainer - Unlocked FPS - I decided to create this trainer, so that it works with the V-sync on and for the FPS to go according to your Hardware 1.0.4 - For the Patch 1.031 Now you can choose according to your Hz's or release all FPS for your hardware to decide Info Go to the Nvidia control panel and select the option: Vertical sync fast and apply. After doing this, you can ont V-sync within the game and for those who have FreeSync or G-Sync, this is not necessary
  5. Rose is absolutely right about this, but you can find the solution in one of the comments in my video on the channel
  6. Version 1.0.3


    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot 1.0.3 add new resolutions: • 2560x1080 • 3440x1440 • 3840x1600 • 3840x1080 • 5120x1440 Using the DBz Unpack tool, it was possible to unpack the DBz Kakarot files and remove the target icon I added a new resolution, I don't know if it works correctly, but I'll be happy if you, who have it, can tell me • 7680x1080 • 5760x1080 - Choose your resolution and install, all files are in the same package - ULTRAWIDE FIX 21:9 and FOV Steam and other versions PATCH - Removes black bars 16: 9 scenes and gameplay and Fix FOV 21:9 INFO - For your safety, leave the backup box, checked DETAIL - This is not a virus as many are saying in the channel videos, it is a program not recognized by windows Do you really think pcgamingwiki would have approved it virus? INSTALL Run the patch and select the file AT-Win64-Shipping.exe which is located at: ?:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dragon Ball Z Kakarot\AT\Binaries\Win64 After doing this, go to the following location and paste the ~mods folder ?:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dragon Ball Z Kakarot\AT\Content\Paks WSGF - Special thanks to everyone involved in the WSGF discord
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