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  1. I began working on the Amazon page today and have hit a roadblock. I'd like to add information about payment methods and DRM to each digital distribution article using a template (such as the DRM one) but cannot figure out how to make them. Is this action restricted to moderators and admins?
  2. I have been cleaning up the articles on the digital distribution page and had a few questions. Below is the layout I wish to use on these pages: History / Service / Updates (Also game updates) Features Purchasing and Activating Games Library Games / Free Games Issues and fixes Other Tips References Personally, I think we should remove both the games and history tabs. Considering we won't be creating separate lists for DRM or DLC, it seems pointless create a list of every game on each service ( Steam's list alone would be 2000+ games long). What do you guys think?
  3. But until these issues are fixed, would it not be handy just to keep them all in one place?
  4. The only real thing this wiki is missing is patch notes. Can we get a new heading under System Requirements for game updates?
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