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  1. sean8102

    Creative ALchemy

    Nope, just on board Realtek audio. I'll go ahead and replace 1.45.20 with the newest universal version from your archive. Thank you for the info.
  2. sean8102

    Creative ALchemy

    Just curious. Is there any reason to use a version like "1.45.03 Universal" over just using the latest version (as of right now 1.45.20)? Just wondering what "Universal" means really. I've been using 1.45.20 and for the few games I use it on (Condemned, Max Payne 2 etc) it's been fine.
  3. sean8102

    Creative ALchemy

    Just Wanted to say thank you very much for this. The only de restrictor for Alchemy I've been able to find for a long time was for a much much older version. This works perfectly!
  4. Found a page where 343 keeps a updated list of known issues for Halo Reach on PC. The audio issue I mentioned is talked about on this page as well. https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037448411-Halo-Reach-PC-Known-Issues-12-3-19
  5. Only issue I have is the in game audio dose not sound right. For example gun shot sounds sound really muffled. Found plenty of posts in the steam forums and sub reddit of others with the same issue. 343 said they are aware of the issue and its a "encoding issue". Working to fix ASAP but may take some time.
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