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  1. I also run Kaspersky Total Security (more or less overrides Defender). Here I have inserted an exception or had it inserted on request. Since then it has been running continuously without any problems.
  2. It works fine for my Steam-version on 5120x1440! Thank you so much. No more black bars and continuously adjustable FOV. That's very nice. Michael
  3. If I use the Halo version from the Microsoft Store with the Xbox Game Pass for PC, can I also use the fix? And if so, how do I install the fix (other directories than Steam)? Best Regards Michael
  4. @Andytizer Fine, thanks. But Rose has updated his fix (version 1.5) and it works fine now. I play it in 5120 x 2160 (DSR).
  5. Thanks for this, but: If I use this file/mod, the HUD respectively the crosshair is stretched (outside the cutscenes). If I disable your mod (F5), so the HUD and the crosshair are quiet normal (the game is in widescreen-modus). So I must playing without your mod and enable it with F5 when cutscene is coming and after it I disable your mod again. I play in 21:9 in fullscreen (nativ) 2560 x 1080. Can you possibly find a way to keep the HUD (and the crosshair) unchanged when using your mod?
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