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    tyl0413 reacted to xenonisbad in Adding Dualsense to supported controller types table?   
    I agree we should rename it, but at the same time we should update all pages for games with DS4 support, which is a lot. Especially that we would need to change template option names. Is there a bot for doing such things?
    The problem is, we have three popular Playstation controllers: DS4 v1, DS4 v2, Dualsense. Game can any of them while not supporting the rest.
    I think the best structure would be:
    Playstation controllers (true/false) (can be expanded/collapsed to see information below)
    Dualshock 4 controllers (true/false + notes about supported versions of controller, with connection modes) Dualsense controllers (true/false) Playstation button prompts (true/false + notes about controller-specific information) Light bar support (true/false + notes about how is this supported) Of course each field should have place for notes, I just listed those notes that I think will be common. Also, I think "connection modes" is currently underused so it makes no sense to have separate field just for that, we can just fit it in notes about specific controller support.
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    tyl0413 reacted to al2009man in Adding Dualsense to supported controller types table?   
    I'm thinking...change the name from "DualShock 4" to "PlayStation Controllers" as we're slowly seeing more games with Native DualSense support alongside DualShock 4. 
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    tyl0413 reacted to Genetrix in What are the reasons some games that are not exclusives never get released on PC and stay on console forever?   
    Several Reasons: To begin with, a port has to be profitable and the pc market was't (and for some isn't) seen as massive as the consoles one, and there's certain genres (sports, driving, fighting, etc) that until recent years weren't so popular on pc (in companies' eyes).
    About mgs the port was made by microsoft and the sequel by konami themselves, the first was an ok port and the later was awful. That's because in japan desktop pc aren't so common and games on pc are relegated to niches. Today ports aren't so bad performances-wise but lack of KB&M or settings (Ninja Gaiden, Shenmue 3, Asha in monster world). Things like judgment controversy shows that there's still resilience.
    Sometimes ports aren't possible/profitable due to the game reliance on console(s) specific hw/sf. Ex: acording to kojima mgs4 wasn't on xbox 360 cause it was too big (ps3 had blu-ray) and ps3 emulator proves that it uses advance features from the ps3 processor. And like first answer if it's too complicated to port from console don't even bother ('cause it's too expensive/is going to be bad quality)
    Some people (myself included) believes that the worst period was from like 2007-2008 to before steam started to being a common thing (2011 or 2012).
    PS: HD collection was ported to 360 but development between consoles ≠ porting to pc and ms consoles market ≠ pc market. About metal gear 1 & 2, although konami, hudson, hal, etc, developed for msx, sharp and fm-towns it was a one-time thing (pc-88/98 games weren't action oriented and fell on the strategy, rpg, vn niche), this was already cemented by the time windows pcs overtook the market.
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    tyl0413 reacted to a_moderate_nonconformist in What are the reasons some games that are not exclusives never get released on PC and stay on console forever?   
    Hey guys, i am new here. I am wondering about why some games never get a PC release.
    I know that companies like Sony or Nintendo want to encourage users to purchase their consoles. Therefore, they make high-quality exclusive games. And that's perfectly understandable! Of course, they want to maximize profits. I am not trying to say they should do something that is not in line with their business model.
    But why would a third party company ever decide not to release their games on PC? Of course, there are some third party exclusives that only ever appear on a specific console. As an example, Metal Gear Solid 4 is only for PS3. I assume that the publisher of the game gets paid a nice fat sum in that case. However, there are many titles which have been released on multiple consoles, but never on PC. Examples would include Red Dead Redemption or Metal Gear Solid 3 (though in that case, the Xbox version appeared years after the game had been released on PS2).
    I wonder - why would a company never release a game on PC, if it's already on multiple consoles (in which case i doubt they are being paid)?
    That was a great pain in the A for me regarding the Metal Gear Solid series. I love that franchise, but unfortunately, only a couple of the games in the series have been released on PC. Therefore, i had to buy the Legacy Collection for PS3 to even play Metal Gear Solid 3, 4, Peace Walker, and Metal Gear 2. I hadn't used the PS3 for some half a decade. It's pretty confusing for me, since all of those games (except for 4) have been released on Microsoft consoles, but none of them is on PC. Which is even more strange, since the original Metal Gear 2 was made for MSX. which is basically an ancient PC.
    Why is it that Konami would never release one of their games on PC? If Metal Gear Solid 3 appeared on PC, without any major bugs/shortcomings, with support for high resolutions (and preferably also high framerates), achievements, support for both k+m and controllers, i would buy it straight away. That's basically free money for Konami.
    Why wouldn't they ever release their games on PC? Konami is just an example. 
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    tyl0413 reacted to Dave247 in Option to stay logged in on Wiki   
    Currently the option to Remember Me when logging in only has it so you don't have to visit the login screen and type in your account details, but it doesn't seem to keep you logged in the next time you visit the wiki when you close the window or browser, making it somewhat annoying and easy to forget when editing a page that you weren't logged in. This doesn't affect the forums however and only the wiki itself it would seem, and I have tested it across multiple browsers (including the age old Internet Explorer) that I highly doubt it is just me.
    Is it a purposeful design decision, something that simply hasn't been implemented yet or is it really just a bug on my end?
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    tyl0413 reacted to Lolmaster in Option to stay logged in on Wiki   
    Any progress on this? Getting logged out every time I come back to the site is pretty annoying with a slower connection.
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    tyl0413 got a reaction from g_m_1990 in Scope of a "PC game"?   
    I've spent way more time thinking about this than i should have and have rewritten this post multiple times before posting and i came to the conclusion that there really is no technical definition to what a PC is. A PC is anything we consider a PC and to consider something a PC there doesn't have to be too many similarities to do so. Any technical definitions end up missing something that we would otherwise consider a computer but there are not enough similarities to justify considering it as such technically. So I'll just put the questions I was thinking about on here. If we can answer them and find the shared characteristics we'll be closer to knowing what a PC is. Or maybe I'm just thinking too deep into it.
    Does architecture matter?
    Does OS matter?
    Does the physical form factor of the device matter?
    Does the type of gameplay features of a game designed for the platform matter since we are talking about games after all?
    What does "designed for the platform" mean, is a multiplatform game designed for any platform in particular, which one and if so why or why not?
    Here some examples i guess:
    Is the iPad Pro a PC?
    Is a PS3/4 running Linux a PC?
    Is a Windows Phone modded to run Windows 10 on ARM a PC, does it matter if it can be docked?
    Is a Linux Phone (Librem 5/Pinephone) a PC? Does it matter if it's docked?
    Is an Xbox One/Series (x86 CPU/Windows based OS) a PC? If it ran full Windows would that make it more of a PC?
    Is a tablet a PC, does it matter if it can be docked, does architecture matter, does OS matter?
    Is the Commodore a PC?
    Are pre-Mac Apple devices PCs?
    Is a streamed session of an OS a PC (Shadow)?
    Again maybe I'm just overthinking way too much but this thread really made me think.
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    tyl0413 reacted to g_m_1990 in Scope of a "PC game"?   
    Not sure I'm the only one who asks this question, but I'm really curious that why the term "PC game" was not even defined, or couldn't be found anywhere in pcgamingwiki.com.
    So what exactly is a "PC game" in terms of this wiki, i.e. what kind of video games that could be documented here, and what cannot be?
    I thought this wiki is dedicated only to "IBM PC Compatible PCs and their successors", i.e. x86-16 and above architectures PCs that has a BIOS/EFI, but later I realized the wiki has a list of games with PowerPC, MIPS and ARM architecture "PCs" which clearly falls out of the above criteria. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_lists
    With that said, there are a plenty of other "PCs" with other kind of specifications, e.g. NEC's PC-98, which uses x86-16 and above CPUs but cannot be categorized as "IBM PC compatible", however they are not documented. With ARM, MIPS and PowerPC games could be found here, why PC-98 games (as well as other specifications that could be potentially called as a "PC") couldn't be found in this wiki?
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    tyl0413 reacted to xenonisbad in Adding Dualsense to supported controller types table?   
    I think it would be nice to already start adding information about support for Dualsense controller. Some games with general dinput support should work with Dualsense, and we can already see games like Rocket League or Days Gone (according to developers blog) supporting Dualsense natively. I would expect Dualsense to be supported in more and more games while slowly replacing DS4 on market. It is better to start adding information about Dualsense support now, than wait few years and then keep updating games with Dualsense native support.
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    tyl0413 reacted to Antrad in Configuration files - encrypted or not   
    I suggest adding a parameter so we can set if configuration files are encrypted or not.
    There could be several options;
    - non encrypted - when you can read and edit them with notepad, or if registry settings are readable and can be edited
    - hackable - if it is encrypted, but there is a tool to read and edit them
    - encrypted - no soup for you
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    tyl0413 reacted to Garrett in Proposal: Include information on save system   
    I drafted an accessibility template a while back which included a save system section, but at the time I hadn't considered handling permadeath, respawning, etc.
    One option would be to have fields that support keywords, similar to the infobox taxonomy, so that multiple options can be specified to accommodate games where multiple possibilities apply (e.g. Minecraft optionally supports permadeath).
    What happens when the character dies or you trigger a failure state in a mandatory task required to progress the story (the enemies destroy the base, a critical NPC gets killed, etc.)
    Reload - you can only roll back to the last save/checkpoint, no progress is retained (other than maybe some meta thing like achievements) Respawn - infinite lives: games like Minecraft - death/failure jumps you back to the last rest point etc. as often as needed and retains at least some form of progress (unlike rolling back to a checkpoint) Respawn - limited lives: as above but you can only try again if you have lives (or equivalent) remaining, after that it's game over Permadeath - dying means game over (in some games this might unlock additional characters etc. for the next run, but that particular run is over) Save system:
    How you can save the game
    Continual save - games like Minecraft (everything you do is constantly saved with no player input) Autosave - game progress is saved automatically (based on some criteria specific to the game) Save anywhere - you can do a manual save whenever you like Save anywhere (outside combat) - games like Mass Effect where you can save anywhere as long as you are not actively in combat Password - games that save through a password that must be entered to return to that point None - games that can't be saved at all (you have to finish the game in a single run) N/A - games where the concept of saving does not apply (e.g. multiplayer-only games where everything is retained online) There should maybe be some way of identifying whether you get save slots (so many games now have a single save per character or whatever with no way of going backwards to an earlier state).
    Anyway, see what you think.
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    tyl0413 reacted to Andytizer in Announcement: A Refocus and Rebrand to AppleGamingWiki in 2021   
    The events of the last year have been very tough for the entire world, but none have suffered more than the average PC gamer. Over the past 12 months we have seen PC gaming components like GPUs like the GeForce RTX 3070 rise exponentially in price due to the surge of cryptocurrency mining and price scalping, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Unfortunately our analysis shows that PC gaming will become completely unviable by 2022, with the price of a single average gaming GPU to exceed that of the US median annual salary in 2023. Once a PC gamer's components start to fail, it'll become impossible to replace one's CPU, GPU or motherboard or any other part, as PC gamers scavenge and compete for the last remaining working parts.

    *Prediction based on a fundamental misunderstanding of economics
    Traditionally PC gamers have been skeptical of gaming on Apple's line of Mac computers due to the perception that Apple computer design has favoured form over raw performance, and that games perform poorly on the Mac platform as a result. In addition, Apple computers tend to be relatively expensive and so it is no wonder that most gamers tend to gravitate towards the Windows operating system. Subsequently this is the reason that game developers have historically published their games on Windows rather than macOS.
    However this has now all changed - Apple's brand new ARM platform - the impressive M1 chip - signals a new era of gaming graphics performance that is set to overtake GPU performance of the average affordable PC desktop and laptop at a fraction of the price point, tipping PC gaming over on its head. The raw performance of the SoC M1, at a mere 10W of power, offers unparalleled performance rivalling high end CPUs, but also high end GPUs as well on a 20+ hour battery life.

    The M1 Apple silicon Mac linup: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, starting at just $699
    Not only is Apple's line of Apple silicon desktop computers some of the most powerful in this bracket, this lineup will also become the cheapest by mid-2021 and will become the ONLY viable desktop gaming platform by 2023. Our prediction shows that Apple computers will dominate the desktop market share within the next 12 months and that developers of AAA games will follow suit - porting their new releases onto macOS on a hypothetical successor to the M1 chip. This rumoured M2 chip will utilise 32 cores, 24 performance cores, 12 high efficiency cores, 64 GB RAM and will overtake in price and performance any close rival released by NVidia or AMD in the next decade.

    Can it run Crysis? This M1 chip can run this 14 year old game flawlessly! Therefore PCGamingWiki will respond to the new demand and refocus its attention onto Apple's ARM platform. We are excited to announce that we will be rebranding into AppleGamingWiki and we will solely focus on gaming on Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. As of April 1st 2021, we will begin the process of removing redundant Windows/Linux game articles and retooling them into M1 ARM compatibility articles instead. Eventually we will move to the domain https://www.applegamingwiki.com - we hope you will join us there soon. 
    Here's a summary of some of the many changes you can expect to see going forward:
    Rebranding of all logos from PCGamingWiki to AppleGamingWiki Overhaul of System Requirements boxes to only support ARM devices Transition to new AppleGamingWiki domain Siri Integration for search and user PC upgrade suggestions Removal of all Microsoft Store exclusive listings due to new contractual obligations Retiring of all articles for games that do not support macOS Catalina (version 10.15) or newer due to shifting market trends
    We know that this change will come to a shock for some users, but we are taking actions to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible; as such, logos will soon see drastic redesigns to better accommodate the Apple-oriented future of AGW.  We make this shift knowing that it will help us better reach our audience of gamers and truly capture the vision of a bolder and better future for gaming fixes. Let's fix Apple gaming!
    PS: This post is a joke, but the website is real! Visit https://www.applegamingwiki.com to help contribute to a new website dedicated to gaming on Apple's ARM platform.
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    tyl0413 reacted to Antrad in We need a "dark mode" for the website   
    The website is too bright and it needs a "dark mode" to make it more comfortable for us.
    I made a very simple example in GIMP. The white parts are changed to value 95, the availability box to 90 and background is set to 80.
    Even this minor change makes it more comfortable to look at, while it doesn't impact the overall design.
    This would be a good enough start, but others may like even darker mode.

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    tyl0413 got a reaction from Rose in The Sinking City: the ways of outrage   
    Origin version does have achievements: https://www.exophase.com/game/the-sinking-city-origin/achievements/
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    tyl0413 reacted to stuttgart in Proposal: Include information on save system   
    I've had the idea that the infoboxes should somewhere contain information about a game's save system, since there are a lot of different ways games handle it:
    - Roguelikes (dying completely resets you, but you retain certain benefits)
    - Hardcore-modes where dying deletes your savegame, e.g. "Trial of Iron" mode in Pillars of Eternity 2
    - Only at the start of each level, e.g. Freespace 2
    - Only checkpoint / autosave, e.g. most modern shooters
    - Checkpoints that can be manually activated several times, e.g. Resident Evil typewriters or sleeping in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    - Bonfire-system, e.g. Dark Souls (like above, but respawns all enemies)
    - Free, manual saving (and whether it also allows in combat + how many available save slots)
    - "Free" saving that still resets you to checkpoints, e.g. Tomb Raider: Legend
    - Manual saving, but at a cost, e.g. Kingdom Come: Deliverance (consumes alcohol)
    - Quicksaves
    - Special savegame shenanigans (e.g. message if you save too often in Metal Gear Solid 1, deleting your savegames if you die too often in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, voluntary savegame deletion in Nier and Nier: Automata...)
    - Whether it allows to select individual chapters to replay, e.g. Syndicate (2012) and Condemned: Criminal Origins
    What do you think about this feature? For me personally, not being able to save freely is almost disqualifying for a game, so I always want to know such information. And it often changes even inside a franchise (e.g. FEAR 1 has manual saving, 2 and 3 only have checkpoints; Splinter Cell 1-4 allow manual saves and quicksaves, 5 and 6 only have checkpoints; Call of Juarez 1+2 has quicksaves, 3+4 only has checkpoints; etc.), so even if you like the previous installment you can't be sure if the next game works the same when you want to buy it.
    This information could be included in the infobox below the "save game location" info. It could just be simplified into a simple checkbox whether the game allows manual saves or not, and a "Notes" field with additional information (e.g. the things I listed above, how many save slots etc.). This way it wouldn't be cluttered, you just have a simple "Manual Saves?" checkbox next to the save location, and if there is any additional custom information, it can be written into the Notes field. What do you think about that?
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    tyl0413 reacted to EVERGREEN in Proposal: "Debloated" Installs (Remove unused files)   
    Today more than ever, (fast) storage space is expensive. One thing that always makes me mad is the insane amount of unused Localizations, game modes (often dead/closed multiplayer modes) that are installed by default - this is literally dead content. Wasted storage. Wasted money.
    Now back in ye old days, it used to be a gigabyte at best. Not the end of the world, and not exactly worth the time investment. But old habits die hard, and I'm still doing it today.

    With games becoming larger and larger, storage has become an issue that can thankfully be alleviated. 
    I'm going to list a few interesting examples, then propose a solution and finally suggest a way to integrate it to PCGW's structure. I'll also list a couple of issues with my proposal, potential flaws and uses cases etc. If you have a better idea or any suggestion to make this a thing, you're more than welcome.

    Please note that all the numbers given are taken from Steam, but GoG, Uplay, EGS & Origin are guilty of the very same thing. Uplay's even worse, as always. 
    Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated - I never suggested a feature before, but this one has been on the back of my mind for at least a year. I feel like it could be very useful to many folks out there.

    So, let's get to it. Those are easy ones to "clean-up" (more on that later):
    Batman Arkham Origins. Had a multiplayer mode, servers are down. Delete one folder and the install size goes from 27.06Gb to 18.1Gb. 9Gb (33%) saved Final Fantasy XIII. Well documented, check the PCGW entry for it, you can remove ~20Gb if you don't want the Japanese audio. 57.6Gb to 37.7Gb. 19.9Gb (52%) saved (!!!) Doom 2016. Do you really play the MP or Snapmap modes? That's ~15Gb (11Gb if you only delete the MP) saved. From 69.68Gb to 54.68Gb. 15Gb (21.5%) saved Here's the problem. I can manually delete all localizations, "deluxe edition content", Readme/Support and redists safely from most MT_Framework, UE3 and Ubi games just fine because they use the same naming conventions. All I have to do is search in the root folder for any file with the _ita. suffix for instance and delete it - but that's because I know what I'm doing and I'm willing to take the time to locate and delete those files. 
    Listing that would massively bloat any page of course, and not many users would do it anyways. 

    The best way I can think of to implement a reliable and simple method to delete files that we're absolutely sure are safe to delete goes something like this:
    Add a "debloatable" boolean to the Other Information infobox, If True, how much can be shaved-off at best. Users like myself could build a database of games we know we can "shave" (much like SK/ReShade compat, with a dedicated page) The end user would download a batch file, hosted here and verified by members based on a template which would include one option for each localization, and a "clean-up" option (remove Readme, Deluxe content, redists if safe) So for instance, I can flag all the localization for Resident Evil 6 and write them down in the dedicated page. I don't have any experience making modular batch files like that however, so someone else would have to make a template. I can then edit that batch to point it to all the files we want to delete. The end user launches the batch file, delete all locales but the one he's/she's using and boom. That's money saved right there.
    I know there are programs that are much better than Win Explorer's Search feature - if we can feed such a program with a config file it should do the trick too. We'd still need to build a database though. 

    I do realize that I make it sound much easier than it may be, or that it may sound overkill if we're talking about a Gb at best. But for extreme cases like Doom 2016, Far Cry 3/4, FF XIII, the Arkham series, The Evil Within - huge games basically, it would be very helpful and hey, I'm already doing it anyways so might as well share it. There's also games like Battlefront 2 (2005) where you can cut the install size in half. It's about 5Gb (vanilla) if memory serves, about 2-3Gb when cleaned. 
    With that said, if anything I hope that this thread at least brings more attention to this issue. 

    Last but not least, to everyone: Happy holidays! I hope you're all doing well, and ready for more PCGW grunt work for this year to come.
    "Keep on keeping on". 
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    tyl0413 reacted to mrpenguinb in I got Virus: The Game running on a modern PC   
    Virus gets in-game for me without any tweaking, I had to install it in a 32-bit OS and then copy the game across (didn't bother with converting/wrapping the installer to 64-bit).
    The speed is way too fast though like you found out, but that is fixable using DxWnd to limit the framerate.
    1. Download and extract the latest version of DxWnd: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/
    2. Right-click in the middle of DxWnd's main window and select "Add". Browse to and select the VIRUS.exe file. Name the profile VIRUS or whatever you chose.
    3. Right-click the VIRUS profile that you just created and select "Modify" to edit it. Go to the "Main" tab, deselect "Run in a window".
    4. Go to the "Timing" tab and enable "Limit". Set the limit to 33 msec to run the game at 30 FPS. Increase the millisecond delay to decrease the frame rate further if needed.
    Limiting the framerate this way, makes it scalable to all types of CPU, instead of being relative with CPU percentage usage. Calculate the msec by dividing 1000 by the FPS.
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    tyl0413 reacted to loolou78 in Proposal: Achievements support   
    This is a great idea. If we ever go with it, I also propose to mention when necessary if the game has achievements/trophies on consoles but not on PC. This is the case for many PS3/X360 generation games.
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    tyl0413 got a reaction from Mirh in Proposal: Achievements support   
    I wouldn't count those or atleast they'd have to be marked differently than platform achievements, since those are less useful, can't be tracked outside of game, usually not accessible by achievement sites ect
    Same way with cloud saves only games with platform cloud saving are shown even though some still sync data with the in game account for example.
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    tyl0413 reacted to Andytizer in Proposal: Achievements support   
    The issue of putting achievements into a new section is that it's not clear which 'version' of the game uses which achievements. This could be clarified in Availability. Yes there is a dominant platform normally, but I think it's okay to be repetitive for the sake of clarity.
    For example, a game like Assassin's Creed Origins comes out on Steam and Uplay. Does it use Steam achievements or Uplay achievements? Steam achievements if you buy it on Steam, Uplay if you buy it on Uplay. But this is different from previous games - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - if you buy on Steam you can only get Uplay achievements.
    The Achievements column in Availability shouldn't be a tick box - it should contain the same store icons as DRM. The column should state whether you get achievements:
    In-game  GOG Galaxy Steam Uplay Microsoft Rockstar
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    tyl0413 reacted to Odie5533 in Proposal: Achievements support   
    I mocked up a few different possibilities. The first is it added to the Availability section alongside Keys.

    The second is adding it to the cloud sync section which I've renamed to Platforms features.

    Last is adding it to the bottom in a new subsection under Other information.

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    tyl0413 reacted to Odie5533 in Proposal: Achievements support   
    I would like to propose that the existence of achievements for a game be somehow catalogued. It can vary by platform like when Steam has achievements but Origin or Xbox does not. I think PCGamingWiki is the most suitable source for cataloguing this information.
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    tyl0413 got a reaction from Odie5533 in Proposal: Achievements support   
    I like the idea to add it as a section like cloud saves. It's the two features i always check for before buying a game, and sometimes it's hard to figure it out where achievements are supported with not everyone properly listing it on the store page or having only in game achievements in the gog version of postal 2 for example instead of gog achievements.
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    tyl0413 reacted to AlexKVideos1 in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Sadly companies will keep getting away with this too, Disney doesn't care, and will do nothing. Shame on them.
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