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  1. I've spent way more time thinking about this than i should have and have rewritten this post multiple times before posting and i came to the conclusion that there really is no technical definition to what a PC is. A PC is anything we consider a PC and to consider something a PC there doesn't have to be too many similarities to do so. Any technical definitions end up missing something that we would otherwise consider a computer but there are not enough similarities to justify considering it as such technically. So I'll just put the questions I was thinking about on here. If we can answer them and find the shared characteristics we'll be closer to knowing what a PC is. Or maybe I'm just thinking too deep into it.

    Does architecture matter?

    Does OS matter?

    Does the physical form factor of the device matter?

    Does the type of gameplay features of a game designed for the platform matter since we are talking about games after all?

    What does "designed for the platform" mean, is a multiplatform game designed for any platform in particular, which one and if so why or why not?

    Here some examples i guess:

    Is the iPad Pro a PC?

    Is a PS3/4 running Linux a PC?

    Is a Windows Phone modded to run Windows 10 on ARM a PC, does it matter if it can be docked?

    Is a Linux Phone (Librem 5/Pinephone) a PC? Does it matter if it's docked?

    Is an Xbox One/Series (x86 CPU/Windows based OS) a PC? If it ran full Windows would that make it more of a PC?

    Is a tablet a PC, does it matter if it can be docked, does architecture matter, does OS matter?

    Is the Commodore a PC?

    Are pre-Mac Apple devices PCs?

    Is a streamed session of an OS a PC (Shadow)?

    Again maybe I'm just overthinking way too much but this thread really made me think.

  2. The game is known to not work on modern computers, I've tried a couple times before but got errors when trying to launch on Windows Vista or later, and when running it on XP or 98 even a Pentium 3 runs the game way too fast for it to be playable. Today i had the chance to mess around with an Asus Transformerbook T101 with an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor and i thought i'd try some old games on it including this one and to my surprise the game actually started up, i could start the single player campaign and though it wasn't perfect it still ran "slower" than a Pentium M laptop from the early 2000s I tried it on before making it a lot more playable. If there was a way to underclock the CPU maybe it would've actually worked just like originally intended.


  3. 2 hours ago, Andytizer said:

    Another factor is potentially 'in-game' achievements - or achievements that are tracked in-game that don't necessarily sync to a platform. By achievements I specifically mean in-game popups that track progress and not just generic stat tracking. I believe there are several games which have in-game achievements and are patched in later to get Steam achievements etc.

    I think Achievements might belong in Availability because it behaves a lot like the 'key' column - it shows whether the game syncs achivements to a specific platform, e.g Steam, Uplay, in-game etc. For the gamer who loves achievements, you might want to know which version to buy without having to scroll further down the page.

    I wouldn't count those or atleast they'd have to be marked differently than platform achievements, since those are less useful, can't be tracked outside of game, usually not accessible by achievement sites ect

    Same way with cloud saves only games with platform cloud saving are shown even though some still sync data with the in game account for example.

  4. 22 hours ago, Odie5533 said:

    That seems like a great idea! The {{Save game cloud syncing}} could be changed to {{Platform features}} and include initially cloud syncing and achievements, and later be expanded to things like Workshop support if any other platform decided to join Steam in welcoming in 2011.

    I like the idea to add it as a section like cloud saves. It's the two features i always check for before buying a game, and sometimes it's hard to figure it out where achievements are supported with not everyone properly listing it on the store page or having only in game achievements in the gog version of postal 2 for example instead of gog achievements.

  5. Just got the game on the Steam sale but after a few minutes of playing the campaign when i reach a point it just crashes with the generic "Rogue Warrior has stopped working" error no matter what i do. Looked everywhere but only thing i found was people recommending changing compatibility settings to Vista and downloading this file but neither worked for me.

    Ryzen 7 2700
    GeForce RTX 2060 Super
    32GB RAM
    Windows 10 Pro 1903

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