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  1. So by downloading "Fix by Steam" for example, you should extract the archive contents to the main folder where the SilentHill.exe file is (both exe files should be in the same directory), edit the file "Silent_Hill_Homecoming_PC_Fix.ini" to enter the screen resolution for example 1920x1080, fire up "DLLinjector.exe" and everything should work fine. If you did everything as I wrote and the game has low performance then the only thought that comes to my mind is that it is the fault of the graphics card, I use Nvidia cards and you Radeon...
  2. Here you have many solutions to various problems like Unknownproject's Patch https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Silent_Hill:_Homecoming
  3. Disable the antivirus that prevents you from extracting this file. You must start the game by clicking on the DLLinjector.exe file, not SilentHill.exe
  4. I went through the whole game with this patch. I don't have any virus in my computer. This patch is safe! Often in such files as patch or crack anti-viruses see the threat.
  5. Fake alarm. You can use it safely, my antivirus (Avira) cannot see any viruses.
  6. There is still a problem with the correct display of the map in the vanilla and fix versions 1.6.0
  7. This is my summary after passing the whole game - these are the errors I found: - the sound is partly repaired - I played on TV with stereo sound - in cut scenes the speech was heard in the left speaker, in the right there is silence - there is a brighter image in the game than the original - the brightness level cannot be adjusted in the game - map visibility is damaged, only partial visibility is visible - when I finished my game the messages "You have unlocked" and "Would You like to save your game?" was missing - only available byttonsOK, YES, NO
  8. I also noticed that the game often catches freeze. Mostly when I have to save the game, but also when I normally travel in the game. Such a freeze lasts up to 20-30 seconds and the game and the operating system are on an ssd disk and with no other game this happens (16GB of RAM)
  9. No. My English is not great 😄 I used: XInputPlus Ver4.15 This is my Pad configuration, the same as the version of the game on Play Station 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oija5d219020oo7/2. XInputPlus Ver4.15 [pad skonfigurowany pod sh4].rar
  10. I would like to add that only with this mod/fix the map often breaks and only a piece of it is visible, e.g. the right and bottom of the map are not visible.
  11. Yes, Xiput working with this Fix also with force feedback.
  12. Brightness control in the game menu does not work. In general, the game starts with a bright picture. Quick save also doesn't work. Also, gamma correction does not work when I press F9 and F10 Congratulations on dealing with the sound problem.
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