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  1. There seem to be 2 odd things happening with the 3.4 v. 1. When aiming down sights there is a noticeable stutter. 2. When talking to a NPC the FOV goes wild and widens to weirdly large values. Any tips or ideas on how this could be fixed? This didn't happen on previous versions of the tool, but I assume those come with their own problems if not using the latest version. I am not running any other mods / tweaks / files / modifications to .ini files.
  2. Yea. The game really needs to let us adjust FOV for different camera states, aiming down sights, when entering interiors, when drawing out weapons etc. All this automatic back and forth auto-fov-adjusting is sometimes quite annoying.
  3. @green00 Exactly! This is more like a zoom out camera tool. The camera distance to the player needs to stay the same, otherwise it kinda defeats the main purpose. Oh well, I guess this tool can't do this.
  4. Would it be possible to have a FOV fix that doesn't pan the camera way behind the character? The more the FOV increases, the more zoomed out the camera is. It's an apreciated solution, indeed, but not an ideal one.
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