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  1. 20 hours ago, Rose said:

    Thanks for the feedback! I can't play through every game I mod at the rate they've been coming out, so it's really valuable to me.

    @Just!cE I updated the trainer just now to have it behave like the previous versions. It's indirect FOV adjustment but you absolutely had a point.

    @frozenboy You have to have enabled the "Custom FOV toggle" option first. I slightly reworded this in the latest version for more clarity. I could also have it activate at launch but that would be less reliable and giving the user less control.

    Thank for really quick response, It work great. I Just want to give another small feedback. Could auto FOV toggle when select 16:9 cutscene FOV? I not sure this is posible or not but is there anyway to detect cutscene so we can auto zoom in FOV automatically when cutscene appear and reset back when it end.

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