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  1. Rose, I am so thankful. I was actually playing with the 1.1 version today because of the changes in 1.6. I'm happy that the mod now functions as before so that we can see cutscenes with 16:9 like FOV. Also, you are very thoughtful for including a button for this! I had actually created a little cheat table with CE to do this for me (it worked in conjunction with your mod). Now I can just rely on your mod. It's working really well so far!
  2. Hi, Rose. There is some strange behavior with the FOV changes now. When I decrease the FOV during cutscenes in order to not be so zoomed out, there are times when the FOV is much too low. This can be seen in the first cutscene and especially when Cal takes off his mask. The mod did not behave this way in the 1.0 and 1.1 versions.
  3. I too am experiencing constant flickering on Dathomir and it does seem like the black bars are coming and going.
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