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  1. Hello everyone,, What do you prefer, inspite of what I may find comfortable, do you set it all the way to high or low? Is there a way to specifically test it? I'm playing Bioshock Infinite and for some reason its bothering me a lot, I've tried changing and experimenting with it but to no avail.mobdro lucky patcher kodi When the settings are too high, its like looking at a haze, can barely see anything on the screen. Never happened to me before could it be because of the mouse I'm using?(Razer DeathAdder) Also someone also said something about mouse acceleration, is that a problem?
  2. Hello everyone,, I’ve been gaming a lot lately mainly due to some life circumstances that allow me to have lots of free time. So i got MS game pass and origin access and bought some other games on steam etc.... That said I’m still surprised that some games have extremely annoying elements in them. These are game breaking but they bother me a lot to the point that i had to drop some of the games altogether. Here is a list in no particular order.showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.vet/ unskippable ans unpausable cutscenes: why?? Why is that still a thing?? It’s insulting to gamers period!! Are you loading stuff in the background? Well just notify my that still loading and immediately cut once loading is done. Afraid that people will mistakenly exit a cutscene.? Well make a double tap or long press to quit. Also you can always allow people to rewatch all cutscenes in the options. All these are solutions that already exist yet some dev will simply not implement them. There is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t allow me to pause a cutscene. games that starts the campaign immediately upon starting them the first time without allowing you to access the option screen. Seriously why??? Can you please allow me to choose my preferred resolution at a minimum?? Maybe i don’t want to pay the campaign and rather try other modes. Even worse some game will immediately start the campaign and will have a long ass unskippable cutscene. intros that take for ever. Yeah I’m talking about the launch intro with the brand and dev and nvidia and Dolby etc. I mean come on!!! Some are as long as a minute. -game tutorial that wanna teach you every detailed aspect of the game all in one go without giving you a learning curve or allow you to experiment with the basic stuff first. Some will literally throw you in a major battle at the beginning of the game with complicated mechanics and timed events. Unbelievable.
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