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  1. https://support.rockstargames.com/community/posts/360037498354-Banned-for-No-Reason
  2. my sweet beloved treasured dear Rose, i was not banned for your mod in RDRO. i was actually banned because someone trolled me like this. it went exactly like this comment, " Happened to me. Someone joined my posse and donated to my crafting table. I didn't think anything of it until 3 minutes later, it was still donating. All the donations were feathers. I figured it was glitched out, went about my gaming. About 15 minutes later it stopped, and soon after that I discovered my crafting table was full of materials. I tell you what, if I had to stop gaming and file a bug report ev
  3. I'm already playing red dead online on a new account. But you sure showed me!
  4. If you get banned for fixing the game with this, just chargeback Rockstar. I just got my money back because I told my bank the game was claimed to be optimized for 21:9 and it just totally wasn't. 😀😁
  5. it is 1 degree of FOV per f8. and the max fov is a comical 55.
  6. Rockstar didn’t give me much of any explanation other than my character progression being completely reset and a ban for a month. My friend who played almost all of the same hours as me with the mod was also punished the same exact way. I told rockstar I’m cool with the suspension but if they don’t give me my damn progression it’s chargeback time. Did they really fucking need to reset dozens of hours of my grinding over me fixing the game’s 21:9 support???
  7. i used flawless widescreen online for years as well without a problem. i was suspended for a month for using this mod in RDROnline.
  8. i was hitting F8 30-40 times.
  9. I was just suspended for a month for using this software. Which is sad because this was seriously, genuinely my best 4 days of gaming my entire life- using your mod to play the game exclusively in 1st person and with no black borders. playing this atmospheric game in 1st person allows a much more direct experience. Looking from the ground into the moon and the trees silhoettes against the night sky is so much different than always tilting down towards my character, What a sad day.
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