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  1. It's done. Earthlock_Save_20211020162736.efom
  2. Thanks for the patcher. It works with the Steam version, but there is an issue : interactive buttom is gone.
  3. I just downloaded the lastest version of "Earthlock" on Steam. I applied your patch but i doesn't work. Game crashes. I compared file sizes and they are different (Assembly-CSharp.dll : 3684 Ko and 3805 Ko on Steam ; globalgamemanagers 4336 Ko and 4345 Ko on Steam).
  4. The trainer is not working anymore since last game update (june, 22). It was working flawlessly before this update.
  5. This patch is awesome. Do you think it would be possible to apply a similar patch to Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns ?
  6. It does not work for 3440x1440. There is a vertical black bar in the left part of the screen.
  7. The trainer does not work anymore since 03rd november update. Could you update it please ?
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