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  1. Thanks! I got the aspect ratio patcher working, can you please help with FOV trainer? I have it installed and when I run the game it doesn't change anything, even after I push one of the F keys. I have tried changing the FOV with the trainer before and during the game. Any help is always appreciated! C
  2. Hey Rose! Cobrashey here (again:) In prep to play Resident Evil Village I downloaded Resident Evil 7 (the one set in Louisiana) It is totally screwed up for 32:9 super ultrawide! Any help? I tried the HexEdit but all it does is stretch the game. I played the demo of Village and it looks beautiful in 32:9. Not sure why the first one is so weird looking. Thanks for all your help. Cobrashey
  3. Hey Rose! Love your work as always and am a loyal fan! Is there any way you can fix the cut scenes in OUTRIDERS? (Unreal Engine, releasing April 1) I know it might be tricky as using a trainer MAY label a user as a Cheater, however I am only interested in the single player game. Thanks, Cobrashey
  4. Thanks Rose! You rock! (as always:) For those playing the Game Pass version at 32:9. The Trainer does work with that version and looks great. What I have been doing is going around looking/interacting with things using the trainer but when I get to a part I can't get through due to scaling issues, push F8 and the game goes back to 16:9 and you can proceed. Get to the next part and F8 again to extend to super ultrawide. It's not optimum, but way better IMO of playing the entire game with black bars all around.
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