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  1. No matter what i do I cannot get this fix to work. I have a legit steam copy, I've extracted it to the same folder as the games .exe, I have the required runtime, I've even set everything to run as administrator. But nothing works, I set the values i want and click save, but no matter how many times I restart the game nothing changes, reloading the config does not work nor is there any sounds, and non of the hotkeys work. Please help, this is the last game out of the entire series that i haven't found a working fov fix. Thank you.
  2. Is it possible to ever get a mouse fix for Dead Space 3? after play through 1 and 2 with the fix 3 feels impossibly clunky. it would be amazing to round out the trilogy with proper controls. Thanks for turning one of my favorite shooters into something even better!
  3. Could we get an update for Legendary edition? it doesn't seem to work
  4. Just wanted to jump in here and say that i have been using flawless widescreen online since gta v's launch and i have never had a problem. has anyone used this tool online?
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