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  1. Yes Rose, thanks for your effort but could you please let us know the correct value for the FOV increments? Thanks
  2. Can the mod maker please make it clear what increments each press the FOV goes up or down to? Many people, including myself are wondering the same. Thanks
  3. Yes the vignette effect really ruins the game for me
  4. WOW GREAT first step for the FOV adjustment. At the moment it sets general FOV and we do not know which values each increment sets. Hopefully it keeps expanding and we can modify the first person aiming fov separate from the third person fov and individual guns etc like Extended Camera Settings AND WEAPON fov for GTA 5. The weapon FOV values for the GTA 5 weapons and their aim down sight fov were accessible through "Gta V/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai" (drag and drop weapons.meta) so I hope something similar can be done but an amazing solid first step nonetheless. Thanks a lot Rose! This is the GTA 5 mod I am talking about: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/improved-firstperson-shooting-and-unlimited-ammo You think anything similar can be implemented or does that need Open 4 update for Read Dead Redemption 2 first?
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