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  1. i think you missed something because if i enable it in windows security, the program isn't deleted.
  2. don't care about anti virus, just allow it to restore and accept the tool. there is no problem, it's a false positive !
  3. thank you for the information, it seems it's ok now, i changed install folders and i have no more rockstar warning.
  4. i didn't installed anything from your tool in the RDR2 folder. mmmh maybe it detects some files from GTA 5 3Dvision fix from Helixmod. GTA 5 Steam is deleted from my computer but i think there are some files from the previous install or profile. but how do you know what are exactly the detected files by rockstar launcher please ?
  5. hello friends, please how do you know the files which are detected as "strange" by Rockstar launcher ? thank you a lot 🙂 At the moment, i don't launch RDR2 because i don't want to be banned. However, Rose, you make a marvelous job. Too bad Rockstar is unable to detect the difference between a cheat mode and a fixing mod , shame on them !
  6. it's strange, i just got the last file release, but it's not exactly the same size. 5.61 Mb for me and 5.68 Mb for you ?? Anyway, it's fine^^ Your patch is probably wonderful 🙂 i just bought RDR2 , it will take 16 hours to download it. Hope it will works fine on Tri screen 🙂 If i undertand well, the map will be in the left screen. it's not totally optimized for tri screen (map won't be on the middle screen), right ?
  7. i'm a little afraid ^^ Are you sure it's only false positive ?
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