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  1. I wish I could have the default ugly vertical bars to let me play. I really have huge stretches out horizontally and cannot play at all. Wish this mod could include a aspect ratio fix as the old Flawless Widescreen program did for GTAV and others.
  2. My settings are usually full screen 5040x1050, but I can put in window mode any other lower value. Usually when I have problems of aspect ratio I put 1680x1050 (1 monitor) to use the right aspect ratio. BUT in this case the result is the same. As you say, I know the mod do not change the aspect ratio. That is why I ask you if you could make the option to modify that aspect ratio to match any resolution. I know there are other users with hiultrawide resolutions that works well, but in my Triplehead2go, it doesn't work. THe -width and -height value in the launcher was already tested w
  3. The Fov option is working.. but not the aspect ratio super Stretch horizontal that I have, and I showed in the video. If you could do something with aspect ratios, please!! I think it will take lot of time until Rockstar do something with that. Thanks for your work.
  4. Finally I tried out the fix and for my problem it didn't work. Here it is what happens to me:
  5. Cannot use it. It is full of viruses as it says in VirusTotal. But I don't know if it would fix my problem as all 3D is totally stretched.
  6. VirusTotal reports several virus. Watch out!
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