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  1. Yes, the FOV Changer works fine for me
  2. Thanks for your answer, but F11 does nothing for me, black bars are still coming in
  3. The v1.0 version worked just fine before the November 14 update, now it does not anymore, so I downloaded the new version. When I press F5, the text changes to green, like it is supposed to I guess, but the version which removes the letterbox bars (which I want), is greyed out for me and even if I press F11, it does not work. What do I do wrong?
  4. How? It worked for me in the v1.0 version but the F11 option is greyed out for me and even if I do press it, it does not work
  5. Hey man! Can you do this for regular aspect ratios aswell? I really don't like the black bars coming in when the cutscenes play or when the cinematic camera is activated.
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