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  1. @scotscottscottt Click on the tab "Releases", you will find the EXE there. I will update the documentation, thanks for the feedback
  2. @Aemony I suppose it is the same for people who use the XBox Game Pass? The game is completely locked down. I will check how to achieve this because I'm actually interested in that kind of stuff. Though the trainer or Rose should work isn't it?
  3. @tfp I don't know about that and I can't test it as I don't have it (I don't plan to buy the game a second time lol). You can try to run the patch next to the executable and see what it does. If the name of the executable doesn't match, try to rename the exe to match the name of Epic Store. It's "IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe" (The file is about ~67MB and should be under a "Binaries" directory somewhere). Then run the patch and it should display either (or a mix) of these: Replacement succeeded Replacement failed WARNING: unexepected offset If you get failures, the patch won't work for sure. But if you just have warnings (what I would expect) you can still apply the patch and it might work. If the window closes too fast, try to run the patch in a terminal manually (it's most probably due because it can't open the executable). Let me know the result of your experiment
  4. For anyone with concerns about this tool I have made an open source one at https://github.com/cecton/patch-ultrawide-the-outer-worlds
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