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  1. You just unlocked new achievement in your life, golden shovel, i hope you wont need it for your grandparents and parents, considering this virus flying around.
  2. I really don't remember model number, it was somewhere between 2009 and 2012, it was Logitech, it was laser gaming mouse, shape like mx500. DPI is the answer - Optical (red led) have smaller DPI, laser (no visible light) have DPI up the roof bcs marketing. You could think higher DPI is better but... More DPI = more data to transfer trough mouse CCD and mouse internal CPU. While mouse CPUs can handle that without problem, CCD is "bottleneck". With those super high DPI, CCD picks up a lot of invalid data. Think about it like about camera with really crappy CCD (1.3 MPix), doesn't matter how good light you have, if you move during doing picture, you will get garbage. Sure there is picture stabilization, and CPUs in mice use that. But when it comes to mice its more like trying to rescue burning house with bucket of water, will help but not much. That's why some ppl prefer optical instead laser, lower DPI = less garbage data = no jitter. You know, HP which is producing mice wont have their bias in the middle, i mean, ofc they will glorify laser which is in their products, bcs they can put bigger price on it. Sure, 16K DPI looks fantastic on the box, super marketing, but show me at least 1 person who plays games with DPI above 5000. Heck, most ppl stop way below 3000. I started with some BTC ball mouse, had scroll wheel, PS/2 connector, then i had A4Tech optical wireless mouse - was ok besides being wireless (battery made it heave af). Next was some A4Tech gaming optical wired mouse, served me well for many years. After that i had 3 mice of Logitech, all 3 were the same model, laser and gaming - i said never again Logitech, time for Microsoft - optical, wired, 5 buttons - was perfect. Atm Lenovo M800 - jitter like bloody hell... I don't say wireless can't be good, but i wouldn't trust so much in Logitech, HP, ASUS, etc etc numbers - it's marketing. In my case wireless is a big no no bcs after 10-12 hours of work as an electrician i don't wanna drag heavy mouse bcs it have battery inside. Anyway, subject is pretty much closed as Bambacha show me Zalman mice, i pick ZM-M201R which is wired optical 1000 DPI with 5 buttons mouse, already ordered (fun part was that yesterday english page didn't show me mice at all, had to switch to korean), so i guess this forum subject can be closed. Thank you guys for time spent on this subject and writing replies with personal experiences.
  3. You buy me with UT, definitely gonna check their offer. Edit: Bambacha i owe you a beer, good beer. ZM-M201R is exactly what i was searching for. Optical, 1000 DPI, 5 buttons, wired, not small nor too large, just perfect. Thank you very very much. ♥
  4. Microsoft is still doing some optical mouse (800-1000 DPI), but only options with 5 buttons are wireless, so that's out. I had 1 laser mouse from Logitech and it was the biggest crap i ever saw, Logitech MX500 i believe. Mouse had insane jitter, not matter on what surface i tried to use it. Scroll wheel also was skipping, micro switches were clicking 2-3 times when i clicked once (all buttons). I changed it on warranty 3 times, all 3 had the same issues after month or 2, then i gave up and took my money back. Never again Logitech. Atm i have Lenovo M800 (laser, wired) and after 2 years laser have insane jitter, extremely annoying when i play in 640x480 in PrBoom+ (yes i applied MarkC fix for mouse acceleration). That's why i mention i don't want some fancy laser pro led rgb mouse as each time i try and buy one of those - they are terrible. A simple wired optical mouse with 5 buttons, that's all i need and ask for.
  5. Hey guys and girls So i have to change my mouse (atm i have Lenovo M800 and damn... what a piece of junk that is...). I have few requirements: - must be cable mouse, i really hate wireless - must be optical mouse, not laser (DPI 800-1200 will be fine) - 5 buttons - good reliability - normal size, nothing "mini" Any advice what to chose? I play a lot in FPS games, but those are older titles like 1993 Doom, so i don't need fancy 9 999 999 DPI GAMING PRO LED RGB mouse. Thanks
  6. Patch game to v1.3.1 make autoexec.cfg file in "base" folder, copy-paste commands from Doom 3 \ Quake 4 pcgw page Try playing with compatibility settings under main exe propeties Ctrl+alt+delete, task manager, process tab, find Doom 3 process on list, right click, set affinity. If that fail, try luck with source ports (there are 2 i think) or just get "BFG Edition", its way less problematic on todays hardware.
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