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  1. Hi! It doesn't work correctly for me in the Steam version, in the Platinium Edition. When executing it, it asks me for the serial number from the main menu of game. I guess it's because you haven't modified it since the current version of Steam. Could this be?
  2. Rose, you're my Hero! Thank you!! 🤩
  3. Thanks, Rose! But I'll have to wait to Steam version 🤞
  4. It was not a question of trust (I have downloaded dozens of your patches without any problem), but I was surprised that it was the first to detect me as a Trojan. Thank you very much for the information anyway. I've tested and works perfectly!
  5. Hi Rose! Kaspersky detects the executable as a Trojan. It's the first time that it happens to me with one of your files. Can you check that it is correct? Thanks in advance!
  6. Tested at 3840x1080 and works great with the current Steam's version. Thanks a lot, crack! ⭐
  7. It works perfectly, even after the 4 updates from Steam (only is necessary reinstall the patch after an official update). Thank you very much for the effort! And for those who want to see the result I leave my gameplay at 3840x1080 (32: 9) 🐲
  8. The method with the executable doesn' work with the current version on Steam. Instead, doing the manual method works perfectly with a resolution of 3840x1080 (32: 9) in my case. Thank you very much Rose!
  9. Hi! I've bought the Masterchef Collection from Steam and the fix has not worked for me. Is it possible that it no longer works with the current version or is it not working for me? Thanks!
  10. Hi! I'm trying to download it, but I can't. "Something went wrong. Please try again."
  11. All the UI is widened, like the subtitles and the art of dialogues. Is there any way to fix it? Try to switch Window / Full screen to refresh. It worked to me.
  12. Ok, the patch is working perfectly now! I didn't know what I had to edit with Steamless the exe file. A lot of thanks! 🙌
  13. I've the Steam version, on last update. The weird thing is that the patch seems install fine, without errors. But when I run the game crash. I show you the cap tures.
  14. Sorry man, but don't work on actual version. I look the patch is small. What valors have u change on EXE file? Thanks!
  15. Works very well in 2560x1080, but Im using 3840x1080 monitor (32:9). Can u do the patch for this resolution? Or if u want tell what valours to change on exe file. Thank you a lot!
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