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  1. If you are on Windows 7 X64 use the 1.0 version to stop crashing.
  2. Hi, it's been awhile since you've been here but I'll post a comment anyways. The Mass Effect Mouse fix is not working on Windows 7 x64 with the Origin version, it gives an error about not being able to find a module but doesn't specify which module.

    1. Methanhydrat


      Yes, that is a known Windows 7 specific issue that was introduced with version v1.1 of the mod and which I never got around to fix. You can just use the previous version v1.0 and it should work.

    2. RoyBatty


      Thank you, I will update the article to reflect that.

  3. A tweaks page would be interesting, requires a lot of research though as there is more than a thousand ini settings, most of which are overwritten with default values by the engine anyways.
  4. Finished the edits, thank you! Hopefully I didn't break anything, but I won't guarantee it since I'm old and make dumb mistakes sometimes. To be clear I removed the uGrids, Cell Buffer, most of the multithreading and iPreloadSizeLimit tweaks. reasons: uGrids, the game is hardcoded all over to expect this setting to be the default 5, altering it causes a myriad of issues and can/will corrupt saves. Cell Buffers , again the engine expects hard coded values, and there is absolutely no evidence that they relate to uGrids at all, absolute nonsense. Multithreading tweaks, th
  5. Thanks, I'll fix these up quickly. I just have to remove a few things, the rest is fine in them.
  6. The Fallout creation kit wikis have full lists of variables, problem is most of them are not safe to tweak outside of graphics ones, or are placebo (there but not referenced in the code ever). The reverse engineers and expert modders have been trying for years to fix the disinformation presented in these articles, it's very hard to to fix it once it spreads. I would like to see this curbed if possible.
  7. Will it be possible to update the guides to remove the nonsense and harmful settings in some games like the Bethesda Fallout games and Elder Scrolls games?
  8. I'm not hot on any subscription services, and I think Microsoft already has theirs on steam do they not? I would like to sync my games between Steam and Origin though, especially my older titles. I wonder if EA will start opening up it's back catalog and making these games compatible with modern operating systems since SafeDisc support has been patched out of Vista/7/8/8.1 and never existed in 10. I own a huge amount of EA's back catalog and I'd really love it if they did this. My expectations are low though many publishers on steam never bother, and XP only games on steam are still avail
  9. I've been a gamer for some 40 years now, and the main reason I don't finish a game is that it's just not engaging enough to want to finish it. Some games are great and keep me going for years (Fallout 3/NV) and some I don't even play for more than a couple of hours (Prey reboot, Rage 2). It was never about the story or graphics (especially considering I loved Adventure on the Atari 2600) it's always about the fun factor. If something isn't fun, I won't play it to completion.
  10. OK I got it to work in chrome after my login issues were solved.
  11. I sent you a pm on discord about this. But I'll attach the screenshot here. Happens in Palemoon and Chrome.
  12. The download for the xlive fix for Bulletstorm is broken.
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