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  1. Ma boys, who's the guy who's not getting da'internet nowadays? No, really. I have not care about 'always connected' games since 2010, since the inception of Steam. We are going to cloud gaming. You are going to pay less for more but more regularly. Monthly actually. For 40€ Approx you have Origin, Uplay, Gamepass… And more is coming. And baby you need a stable, high bandwith connection to use any of those services. Computers always are expensive. The thing is to use it and also make some money. Then it evens out. A PC is always a good investment I mean.
  2. And nobody cares. I liked Volition in Red Faction Guerrilla. The rest of it… I don't know… I don't like much saints 3, AA- gaming. saints 4 is like… meh. But I confess I liked somewhat gat out of hell, so cool to fly like an angel. Are Volition still active? Anyone knows if they have a new game coming?
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