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  1. Oh awesome job with extracting that list from steam, it'd not crossed my mind to search for APIs. I agree that it's quite niche information however, so if everything is ordered by importance then it'd be better lower down. I personally reckon it'd suit "other" more than "network", purely because the executable name is not related to networks, it's just the action that can be done with that information is. As to your last line, are you meaning what other similar data could be added, or what other actions could be done other than using a firewall? If you mean similar data, other than
  2. I've designed a script that uses a list of game executables, which I built from an outdated discord dump and my own steam library. One person just got in touch to share some other executables he found, which made me realise that there's no central location for information like that. I'm suggesting to add the information to the wiki to turn it into that central location. It looks like it'd go under the Game data heading, perhaps with the variations such as if the Steam version is different from the original. Other than my personal use of it, it could be useful for example if people need
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