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  1. Gothic SystemPack

    SystemPack 1.8 from https://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/threads/1340357-Release-Gothic-½--SystemPack-(ENG-DEU) for Gothic 1 and 2.
    Downloaded from the Yandex link in the thread. (https://yadi.sk/d/t3SJ6DsSrU-YkQ) Yandex download limit has been exceeded and now requires an account to download. I also added gothic1_playerkit-1.08k.exe (http://www.worldofgothic.com/dl/?go=dlfile&fileid=28) and the official 1.08k patch for Gothic 1 to this archive. (http://www.worldofgothic.com/dl/?go=dlfile&fileid=10)
    Instructions for Gothic 1: install Gothic Patch 1.08k (GOG version is already patched), install gothic1_playerkit-1.08k.exe, install Gothic1_PlayerKit-2.8.exe, install G1Classic-SystemPack-1.8.exe.
    Pass: pcgw




  2. MorrowindFPSOptimizer.zip

    All four FPS Optimizer versions from https://web.archive.org/web/20190304033533/http://lowgenius.net/morrowind/morrowind-fps-optimizer/:
    Normal: "This is the “normal” version, which should be useable for anyone with current MFC libraries on their computer. If you don’t know what that means, try this one first, if it doesn’t work, come back and get the “static” version." Static: "This is the “Static” version, which includes the necessary MFC libraries hard-coded into the .exe file. If you get a “missing DLL” error when you try to run the standard optimizer, or if you’re trying for the smallest possible memory footprint, use this file; because it uses its own attached MFC libraries rather than the ones on your machine, it uses a little bit less memory." Lite: "This is for experienced users only. It has no “novice” mode, no “write log” capability for troubleshooting, and no help file." Exec: "This is for VERY experienced users only, and it intended to be used WITH one of the other versions. This version has no user interface. You must run one of the other versions to set your options FIRST (options are written to an .ini file, which this version then references automatically), then use this version when playing the game. Due to the lack of any user interface, this one (obviously) has the smallest memory footprint." Also includes the lowgenius.net web page itself for reference. Developed by Alexander Stasenko.




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