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  1. Hello Rose! I´ll be back! I tried to make a new account and got an verification mail for the new account and voila my old account is the new. Act of god. 

    Would you please be so kind to patch Syberia 3 to the resolution 3840 x 1600? 

    Syberia3 Resolution.JPG

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    2. Deventer11


      Nothing 4me.... Works in 2017 but not today. So I do not have Cheatengine. I really like your trainers...:o)  

    3. Rose


      I downloaded the GOG version and found that although jackfuste's Cheat Engine solution works as intended, the same can be achieved without any external tools. Run the launcher (Syberia3.exe), set the graphics quality as desired, then quit it.
      Then just create a shortcut and add the following arguments

      -screen-width 3840 -screen-height 1600

      Run the launcher and disregard the displayed resolution, don't touch it and just click Play!image.thumb.png.d13f4a982658ee0987a569dd6e46ff41.png

    4. Deventer11


      Yes, it works perfect! I add the solution to the .exe and voila! Thank you Rose. No hexx; no cheat e991451925_Syberia3Screenshot2021_02.27-21_13_32_89.thumb.png.61084a25d09b4603c002f09f062a89ca.png1706863167_Syberia3Screenshot2021_02.27-21_24_33_72.thumb.png.b1790a3003dc01072955af9edb9c1f58.pngngine nessessary... 

      Syberia 3 Screenshot 2021.02.27 -

      Syberia 3 Screenshot 2021.02.27 -

  2. I also hope someone will have mercy and write a fix for 21: 9 support and for the 30fps cap
  3. Got it and it lookes much better! Thx for your patience.
  4. Hi Rose, sry for my request. Yes I dit not rename the .bak, but now the new game patch need an update for the mod?
  5. In my experience (I used almost all mods from Rose) there was never a trojan or virus in it! The virus scanner often allerts when the file was too new.
  6. Very well! We thank you! And I spend one!
  7. Hi dear,

    I got Star Wars Falle Order for PC...  but Cutscenes are Pillarboxed.... hope you can help us again? In Game it is fine for 21:9 in  3440x1440. It is so ridiculous to the developers! Why do they not support our resolution in cutscenes? Also in RDR2 or Assassins Creed Odyssey and on and on... Good nigth so far.

    Star Wars Jedi  Fallen Order Screenshot 2019.11.15 -

    Star Wars Jedi  Fallen Order Screenshot 2019.11.15 -

    Star Wars Jedi  Fallen Order Screenshot 2019.11.15 -

    1. Rose


      Hi. It looks like it wouldn't be hard to hack but I don't own the game. Sorry!

      If it ends up on Origin Access Basic, I can do something about it

    2. Deventer11
  8. Hi Rose, https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Council

    there is actually now way to set the game in 21:9 3440x1440! Why do they say that game support it??

    I tried out to fix 39 8E E3 3F to 8E E3 18 40 but the .exe crashes after start pressing. 

    Could you help again? If you want I can upload my registered .exe of The council!? 

    Good evening4now!

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    2. Rose


      I edited the wiki article to question ultrawide being set to true. It's really unfortunate.

      I don't have access to the game, and having the executable alone would not allow to debug it. Sorry!

      Perhaps you could try this.

    3. Deventer11


      Ups! Yes it seems the problem is only in cut-scenes! 

      On the other hand I cannot choose my resuliotion in options only 2560 x 1440. But it seems normal not streched oder st. else. What did you think? Looks normal isn´t it? 

      Thank you for enlighting and your help!

      The Council Screenshot 2019.10.20 -

    4. Deventer11


      But there are a lot of cut-scenes/dialogues! Is there no way to make the solution (wider is) better???

      The Council Screenshot 2019.10.20 -

  9. Hello, allow me one question: How to: ..edit Unlocker.ini to toggle the fixes?? I changed 0 to 1 in some line but nothing changes (60 fps oder intro). Could you explaine it a little bit more? Is it possible to play in 21:9? Flawless didn´t work. Maybe wrong gameversion... Edit: it seemes my Virusscanner has deleted Unlocker.boot??! Maybe this??
  10. Hi Rose need your hand to help with Devil´s Hunt! Would you please be so kind? I cant do it to make a new topic in wsgf. s.t. changed. ... 

    I think you see the problem in my added pic. ... 21:9 Black bar. I do not now how do I do a new topic to this forum.

    Please help and send me a sign.

    Devilshuntunreal Screenshot 2019.09.17 -

  11. Hi Rose, I very very appreciate your work (again). Please go on and drink a cup of coffee!
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