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  1. This is a client I wouldn't mind using - it'll have all the benefits of Steam (autoupdates, cross-play, presumably some friend system, achievements, store) with none of the drawbacks (problems aunching when offline).


    Yeah, having the option whether or not to use the client is what's really important to me. I'm offline quite a lot and I'd prefer a system that's more reliable than Steam ^_^

  2. Almost everything that isn't PC exclusive really. Others have made good points about graphical optimisations, graphical options, framerate locks and mouse acceleration. However, my complaint is with clearly controller driven menu systems. They are inefficient, clunky and barely fit enough information on the screen because the text needs to be so large for TV screens. Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't menu adaptation be one of the easiest parts of the porting job?

  3. ElderGeek.com (YouTube) - which is usually one of the places where I go, when I'm interested in reviews of games. Although, I rarely watch their podcast series - Game Club. But nevertheless - over they years, they've built some serious amount of trust in me, thanks to their honest reviews, which often points out faults and problems that others overlooked (like for example their review of Assassin's Creed Revelations).


    Thanks for this one. Insta-subscribed!

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