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  1. lol what? I'd be really surprised to find anyone here on PCGWiki that still uses those OS's AND plays these old games via the game servers. lol
  2. FYI I played the leak on a sockpuppet MS account, separate Windows installation on a new partition and VPN just to be safe and I can say the wait will be well worth it. The game played fantastic on my system. (i7-6700k / GTX 980 / 16GB Ram)
  3. Anyone who's still believing anything this guy says needs their heads examined. Whenever someone criticizes him with legitimate complains he ignores them or spurts the usual "30 O/o bAD; EpIc GOoD" BS. His Twitter is full of that. Then (as a CEO of a major company) he also thinks it's funny to put "Devil in Disguise" into his Twitter info and when someone asks he says "iTs a ReDdIT jOkE" (the guys at r/fuckepic gave him that user flair btw on which he is a living joke himself). And then there's also the fact that he doesn't seem to have an opinion of his own, constantly changing his mind on things. In 3 years going from "Microsoft tries to build a monopoly and it's bad" to "I'll build a monopoly". Check this for more examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/TimCriticizesTim/ Like man the cringe I experience whenever this guy says something it's UNREAL, Bobby Kotick deserves more respect from me simply because he stays quiet.
  4. Don't you mean sUrPrIsE mEcHaNiC? Anyway I can already see Jim Sterling all over this given his history of sh*tting on 2K and their awful sports games.