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  1. Oh my god, you are actually that guy from r/EpicGamesPC, actual editor on PCGamingWiki, posting this dubious ""reSEarCh"" here? lol *Blocking the news window on front page with Adblock
  2. Oh believe me there's enough controversy about this other than the deal. Russ Bullock (Piranha Games CEO) blocking people on Twitter for simply having questions about this, lying about the exclusivity even though they already planned it since late April, people asking if they can keep their pre-order bonus and "waiting out" the exclusivity time resulting in their pre-orders getting cancelled even though they clearly said they don't want it cancelled... Suggestion: Update your blacklists.
  3. The first thing I thought when reading the title. "Post-release" aka "Steam release" lol.
  4. lol what? I'd be really surprised to find anyone here on PCGWiki that still uses those OS's AND plays these old games via the game servers. lol
  5. FYI I played the leak on a sockpuppet MS account, separate Windows installation on a new partition and VPN just to be safe and I can say the wait will be well worth it. The game played fantastic on my system. (i7-6700k / GTX 980 / 16GB Ram)
  6. Anyone who's still believing anything this guy says needs their heads examined. Whenever someone criticizes him with legitimate complains he ignores them or spurts the usual "30 O/o bAD; EpIc GOoD" BS. His Twitter is full of that. Then (as a CEO of a major company) he also thinks it's funny to put "Devil in Disguise" into his Twitter info and when someone asks he says "iTs a ReDdIT jOkE" (the guys at r/fuckepic gave him that user flair btw on which he is a living joke himself). And then there's also the fact that he doesn't seem to have an opinion of his own, constantly changing his
  7. Don't you mean sUrPrIsE mEcHaNiC? Anyway I can already see Jim Sterling all over this given his history of sh*tting on 2K and their awful sports games.
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