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  1. but having a separate parameter to track it properly should be fine as well. ´╗┐|vorpx support´╗┐ That would be great.
  2. I tested around this morning a little, i think the following should be working. We can fill out the "modes" field with either DirectVR only which covers all the other modes, or the top order Mode G3D/Z3D or 2D. Since we have enough room in the decription field we can put "officially supported" or "user profile" there. So below is my code, i hope i am doing right and if you have ideas for improvements ill be looking forward to see your solutions. See attachemant for my codelines. Template_main_row_vorpx.txt
  3. Thank you for responding so quickly. I am completely new to your site so please apologize me beeing abit "uncryptic" yet ;-) The most important paramaters for useres are G3D and Z3D. Though VorpX can always switch beetween these modes , its not clear for many user created profiles for example if Z3D is available instead of G3D or not, so i would suggest either using 3 Fields in that row "G3D", "ZD3" and "2D" or just using one field where the available mode with the highest priority can be entered (2D makes sense for games that can only be displayed with vorpX in this mode yet ). (Priority order is G3D,Z3D,2D) Then followed by a short description and/or link which leads into the corresponding game introduction of the Vorpx forum, just like in your design. Another very important point should be if the fix (game profile) has been created by a user or if the game is officially supported (Official profile), thats quite a requirement to prevent complaints about (not properly working) user created profiles to the VorpX staff. If we can mark each profile as "user" or "official" somehow that would be great. Perhaps with a little Icon but another parameter behind G3D/Z3D will be fine. Note: "2D" wouldnt require a profile because the driver can display many games in 2D that dont have a 3D profile yet. I would not recommend using Hackable, there arent any hackable parts of VorpX, the driver has many inbuilt options like shader and display settings that the user can manipulate (you could call it hackable) but that counts for every game that the driver can hook into. Hackable may lead into some confusion. Not shure if limited would make sense neither because each game shows a glitch here and then. Any Limitations are usually mentioned in the profile introduction in the VorpX forum or the profile description of the game profile itself. If we have enough room in the Line "Here be a note.. ect" i think well be good for a start. Other parameters like "Oculus, Vive" ect wouldnt be nessecary because VorpX supports almost any Headset by now. If anything becomes nessecary that i my have overseen, i will report here again. I guess the glossary page should/can be edited by me after this is done ? RJK Additional Note for readers: Against 3D Vision for example, VorpX is not in need of Hacks or Code-Manipulations. Each VorpX-Fix consists in a so called game profile that contains all kinds of graphics and shader settings that the VorpX user can edit himself in the ingame VorpX Tools and so create new profiles for new games. Edit: One more parameter which i forgot thats of interest is "DirectVR". Many official supported game profiles are providing this where VorpX automaticly adjusts game settings like FOV or resolution for example so the user doesnt have to bother anymore. Games with DirectVR offer the best VR experience , just like native Apps.
  4. Hello there, i hope i am posting this in the proper subforum. I would like to propose to add the VR Driver VorpX to the VR Template. We have about 650 games that we have fixed already for the Driver and i would like to add/update these games to the Wiki. Almost every day new game fixes are released either by me or other users or the VorpX staff, so very soon we will hit the 700. I find the VR template is a little out of date because of the following reasons: - NVidia is stopping support at the moment for 3D-Visison and many users already swap over to VorpX. - Tridef seems to be out of business (at least what i read from the net) or is not very popular anymore - iz3D is dead and whats left over can be used for a very small number of games only - With VorpX you can play almost any DX9/10/11/older openGL and DX7/8(with DGVoodoo) game in VR (2D/3D, depending on the game and the settings), also with Headtracking, so Fallout 4 for example just looks like the native game itself. - The availability of a game profile ("fix") together with additional informations eg. Screen Settings, ini Hints , G3D, Z3D, ect would be added to the corresponding games. The VR community would definately appreciate you making this available. Thank you, RJK