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  1. Great Article ! Too many people expect stuff from the internet to be free. So not many people are getting paid for their (hard) work. - Donations ? Forget them. Ive fixed more then 400 games for the VR community and have received exactly one donation. - Reading that someone is getting properly paid makes me feel somehow better. Mary Christmas
  2. Thank you, In fact profile creators are in need to verifiy/compare the renderer (meant is the DX version, or OpenGL, Glide ect.) that a game is using. Another field showing this information in the glossary table would be a big help. Example: DX8.1,9,OpenGL or DX9/11 or DX6/Glide ect. If nessecary remove a less important informattion, "publisher" or "series" may by such a thing. Besides i would like to suggest disallowing or removing "limited" because some unexperienced users may want to enter an official game as "limited" even it isnt. Game profiles always have different modes or setting
  3. I wonder if this Just one thing thats abit annoying is that little picture puzzle that i have to solve each time a make a submission, wonder if that coulnd be bypassed by somehow proving my identity permanently. cant be solved. I have a 67k connection but one simple edit takes several minutes where "captcha" is extremely time taking asking me several times to solve the puzzle until i let me pass. Sometimes it takes ages before the realoaded images show up too. I read somewhere before putting a user on a special editor list could solve this. - Besides, why are you usi
  4. Well not really a problem, anyway thanks very much for what youve done so far.The VR community will mostly appreciate it :-)
  5. Thank you very much again, Just dont bother big time with it any further, though i have just done exactly the following with a different result: - Arma II , -Added G3D, DirectVR , -List shows DirectVR, G3D , - removed the line completely, - added G3D,DirectVR 30 minutes later again and the list shows DirectVR,G3D again even it was empty in beetween ? Added for a test DirectVR,G3D,Test 1,Test 2, ABC which turned out in a ABC,DirectVR,G3D,Test 1,Test 2, have you left your setting accidentally in alphabetical order ?
  6. Something else i have noticed that this site seems to be hosted at Hetzner Germany. In the past few days i noticed an extremely slow site, sometimes beeing completely offline for minutes. Looks like their Cloud-Node 10012 is making problems. I phoned hetztner but they dont want to hear about it. "Only the site owner can make a report" they said. - Well then, I just thought i report this here quickly.
  7. Thanks for discussing this, I'd in general recommend rethinking the use of that column/parameter, and decouple the prioritization from it, by rephrasing the relevant bullet on the glossary page to something else and only treat the column as "confirmed modes". I think this makes more sense, to still keep our mode order i will simply have an eye at the list in -sort mode-, this way a disordered entry can be identified quickly, and if nessecary ill just correct it (which should be probably a relatively rare case anyway). Mode indi
  8. Not shure if this is the right place to report such a thing, but encountered a slight "error" or should i say misbehave of a script. When entering for example G3D, DirectVR into the games table, then save and at a later visit add Z3D beetween G3D and DirectVR, the line appears as G3D,DirectVR,Z3D on the glossary list. For me thats not a problem because i can handle it by deleting that line, saving, and adding it again, but since the order of the VorpX mode as described on the glossary page is relevant on how to read that field, another user editing it not knowing about the little "b
  9. Oh nice, just noticed your changes. It will take some time to get to know to this interesting syntax ☺️, but looking at the code samples will make things clear soon. A small sidenote: I probably own one of the largest game collections that at least i know of with way over 3500 different games, so expect some edits for a bunch of other games as well ☺️. Just one thing thats abit annoying is that little picture puzzle that i have to solve each time a make a submission, wonder if that coulnd be bypassed by somehow proving my identity permanently.
  10. Well, thank you very much for now. Added a few more games, almost 700 more to come within the few days/weeks ☺️ also have made some small changes to the Glossary already, so lets see how good we can work with it. Edit: I am doing my first edits and added some more informations on the 3D modes above the game table. Hope i'm doing this right. ☺️
  11. Excellent ! Ive just edited 3 games to see how it looks like, ( Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Aerea ). The list on the glossary page remains empty yet though. - I noticed when adding a fresh VR template from the editor to a game , the template does not contain the vorpX code (yet?). Not shure if thats nessecary for the 3 edits i made to appear on the glossary. Perhaps its because you havent finished the table yet i guess.
  12. Awesome, thank you ! Assuming that Do X, then Y, and finallyZ as well as Has issues A, B, and C. can contain a link ( especially user profiles contain links to workarounds,patches ect. Limitations are discussed in the vorpX forum or elsewhere.) this is definately what we can use ☺️
  13. Please feel free to ask if i should provide further informations.
  14. but having a separate parameter to track it properly should be fine as well. |vorpx support That would be great.
  15. I tested around this morning a little, i think the following should be working. We can fill out the "modes" field with either DirectVR only which covers all the other modes, or the top order Mode G3D/Z3D or 2D. Since we have enough room in the decription field we can put "officially supported" or "user profile" there. So below is my code, i hope i am doing right and if you have ideas for improvements ill be looking forward to see your solutions. See attachemant for my codelines. Template_main_row_vorpx.txt
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