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  1. What you're saying is the ideal environment were these companies are competing within a legal framework and customers are free to make decisions based on objective information given to them. That's how it should be but the current situation is quite away from that ideal universe. We're currently in a situation where: The Shenmue 3 game was sold as a definite Steam title to customers. People bought the title under the impression that it will be delivered to them using Steam "when it's done". Developer/Publisher suddenly out of nowhere has announced that instead of Steam, the g
  2. I think you might be moving the goal posts now from "what are the ways to get certain games" into "are we absolutely forced to buy things from EGS". I might have been bit unclear with my initial text, sorry. But yes, I do agree with you that we aren't forced by the gun point to buy stuff from EGS and there are simply too many games for most people to even notice and play on the market right now (which is a problem and EGS probably might be part of the solution in that case). One of the things of EGS is that game prices probably will not decrease as fast as they do on Steam because AAA and
  3. I just have to point out that the EGS harvesting information was partially BS, IIRC. Yes, they were accessing your Steam friends list by very dubious means but apparently the information didn't go further than Epic. Of course that's also wrong since customers weren't giving their consent by opting in (rather than having to opt-out) by default and we cannot actually know that for sure so assuming worst is probably ok thing to do. I'd doubt the claims that they take and upload your hardware information and software information without your permission and share it with Tencent since they cou
  4. In the DLC, CD, DVD, BR, etc. scenario you can still buy the product from any other store, you're just not getting all the pre-order bonuses unless you pre-order several copies each from different store but you are able to get the product itself. In the case of Epic Store, there are certain games which might never appear on other stores (at least for now, like you pointed out). Or will drop the Steam specifically only to get some of the Epic money. The TV Shows and Films which appear only on specific Video Streaming platforms tend to be almost always funded and created by the said Video S
  5. The problem people have isn't that Epic Games Store is attempting to compete with Steam or which stores games initially appear in. The problem is the strategy Epic has chosen to try and compete. It will bite them into ass in a long run. At this moment Epic isn't even directly competing with Valve in the quality of the services which is the only thing that should matter. Instead Epic has decided to create a "monopoly" around certain games by bribing developers and publishers to take them off of the open markets to closed and limited Epic Store or at least off from the Steam. This is their
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