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  1. Thanks for the advice! I have an Nvidia 1080 ti. After experimenting I noticed that if I play a game using exclusive full screen + HDR, when I exit that game the desktop is presented in SDR as usual, and HDR triggers whenever an app launches that makes use of it. This is my preferred method, as this is how HDR works with proprietary devices like game consoles and blu ray players. The reason I was concerned was that the desktop looked like absolute garbage tonemapped into HDR. There was next to no contrast, terrible saturation, and a loss to sharpness as well. Genuine HDR looks fine
  2. Yes! I was on 1903 and had the Xbox Beta App! For some unknown reason it just wouldn't update. Very odd! I uninstalled and then reinstalled; it downloaded version no problem. All my saved games were still there and now I can launch the game with my video settings saved!
  3. Hi, I'm on the latest 1903 update for Windows 10 and I have this problem with HDR. Instead of only triggering on when playing a full screen HDR app, my entire desktop is being displayed in HDR along with all Windowed applications. Does anyone know of any way to fix this? Thanks!
  4. Yes! I've been clicking "Get Updates" every day since this dropped and gotten nothing. I can see right from within the Windows store that I'm on Very bizarre, since like I said I'm getting updates for everything else. I almost want to uninstall and then reinstall, but I'm afraid that since settings and saves are so weird with UWP that I'll lose my progress
  5. My Metro hasn't updated since June 9th when I first installed it. What gives? How do I force an update? I've checked on the Windows Store under "downloads and updates" and while other apps are updating perfectly fine, Metro did not update. Even Forza Horizon 4 updated lol
  6. I've got a new issue to report. The graphics seem bugged/broken upon launch. I have to edit the video settings, any settings, and it fixes. I initially discovered this to get HDR working properly, but I had the same exact problem even when I disabled HDR at the system level. Everything is blurry and the gamma is too low. When I look at the menu, everything seems to be correct; it's just too dim and blurry but unchecking and renabling HDR seems to make it work. I just wish this wasn't so stupid. I would also like to add that I encountered the "could not save" issue along with the "c
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