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  1. Xbox (beta) app just updated for me but I have no idea what it does or if there is a changelog for the app. No information on the Microsoft store page. Although the Xbox (beta) app does feel a bit snappier and less laggy on page loading. No updates on Metro yet.
  2. Honestly, I'd give it some more time. The UWP version of Metro is very poor and I don't know if Wolfenstein would be any better since I do not know if it's a new release or something that's been on the MS Store since release in 2017. It wouldn't be a risk to try, it only cost me £1 for a month (£4 after that in the duration of it's beta).
  3. I was experiencing save issues the first time I booted the game. I had to restart the game and my pc to get it to start saving progress. Like someone else said, I have to alt+tab out and back into the game to get the game to render properly. Also, the game on "Ultra" settings looks terrible. If this is what Game Pass is going to be like on PC, I'm going to completely pass on it. Not being able to adjust the FOV is bone-headed stuff.
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