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  1. Hi. I'm using the 3440x1440 centered HUD version, and the only problem I seem to have is that the HUD isn't centered, it's offset to the right. Is there a fix for this? Edit: Nevermind, I should learn how to read. The problem was caused by the 200% render setting. Set it to 100% and it's centered. I will leave this up here if anyone else has problems with reading.
  2. make a backup of the save folder (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\DeepSilver.ProjectWindfall_hmv7qcest37me) and then try to reinstall, if you lose progress just replace the folder
  3. No patch notes, other than the claim that the save issues have been solved. I downloaded the update and the first thing I noticed that the game boots up in the proper resolution now. But for the other issues I'm going to have to wait and keep an eye on the subreddit to see if there is actually some improvement, since saving worked for me previously.
  4. As far as I know it's still a crapshoot if the game works on your system. For me the only problem that still persists is the resolution, I have to do the Alt+Tab or switch DX modes every time I boot up the game. But that's pretty minor in my books. But others have not been so lucky, if the game refuses to save for you, then it's pretty much unplayable unless you plan on playing through it in one sitting. Also some users report that alt+tab crashes the game and changing the DX mode crashes it too, so those people do not have a way to change the rendering resolution from the default 720p mode at all. So yeah, it's totally up in the air if the game works on your system or not. But even still, the game pass costs just 1$/1€ for the first month, and it has a lot of other games that are worth playing, so I don't think there is much of a risk trying it out. But no patches are available at this point at least.
  5. Try the mentioned Alt+Tab trick if it looks like its not rendering at 1440p, I discovered that you can also change DX12 to DX11 and it will do the same thing essentially. The game cannot run in DX11 though, it's DX12 only on the UWP version. Also the article on PCGW has the location of the configuration file, worth trying to edit it directly to get your settings to save.
  6. Well as we discussed on Discord, the .ini files can be found, but they are in a weird form (thanks for the link!): https://old.reddit.com/r/metro/comments/byvqm0/win_store_version_configuration_and_save_location/ And I managed to get the graphics settings to save after a couple of tries, no idea why they didnt save on the first two tries. But yes, even so when the resolution is set to native (3440x1440) in the config file and in-game, the game still renders itself with a smaller resolution which results in a very blurry image. Since the game uses UWP and all of their apps are ran in borderless windowed, the game does techincally run in a window that is sized at 3440x1440, but it does not render itself in that unless I alt+tab in and out.
  7. While I was enjoying the E3 content yesterday, I happened to notice that the once Epic Games Store exclusive Metro Exodus has switched to being not so exclusive anymore. While the game still isn't on Steam and it changing from being an exclusive to one bad platform, to being available on two almost equally bad platforms (these are all my opinions by the way) wasn't really the change I was hoping to see, I thought I would give it a chance, since it was going to be available for a mere 1€ investment. (plus the added agony of updating windows, that never goes smoothly without anything breaking, does it?) Well I just booted it up for the first time and it wasn't pretty. The game has been "ported" to the vilified UWP platform and as far as I can see, the game does NOT handle that very well. I haven't gotten past the main menu yet, but from what I have seen I don't think that I really have to. The game just outright refuses to save any graphics options that I change in the menus. Resolution, DirectX mode, everything remains unchanged no matter what you do. I located the supposed config files too, but they were encrypted and cannot be edited in Notepad++ (location is AppData\Local\Packages\DeepSilver.ProjectWindfall, if you want to have a look) so there pretty much is nothing that I can do at this point to even change the resolution from the abysmal default of 1280x720. Also you can't access the install folder unless you take over the ownership. Microsoft still thinks it's smart to lock users out of their own computers, so I guess that's just insult to injury at this point. So yeah all in all it's a huge dumpster fire at this point. I can only guess why the game is broken, but as I previously said I think it's cause of the switch to UWP and the config files not being where they are in the EGS version Edit: Went into some guy's twitch stream and asked how he got the resolution to change. He said alt+tab in and out and it should work. And it did, at least for me but yeah it's still kinda whack.
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