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  1. madspooky

    New Xbox app for PC leaked

    The new Xbox App looks really similar to the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. madspooky

    Steam UI new interface leaked

    I'm fine with the size of the section - it'd be nice once it's final if they can figure out a way to make it a rollover hovercard that expands when the mouse is over it, leaving more room for actual library junk. The built in filter is definitely welcomed though. The games that do have landscape cover art look really nice.
  3. madspooky

    Steam UI new interface leaked

    2560x1440 so it's 16:9 Check out the bottom of the "Game Updates" section. Also the broken image for the 2nd image is pretty funny although that might be a matter of the post and not the new UI.
  4. madspooky

    Steam UI new interface leaked

    The news at the top is cut off on my screen which makes it look pretty gnarly.