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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Memoriam_(video_game) Anyone had any luck getting this 2003 game running? There's a Revival project which purports to get the online side of the game working again (researching web sites and emails). http://inmemoriam.softbreakers.com/en/Home I bought a retail copy from Amazon and installed it (on Windows 7, 64-bit). However, I tried running it initially, nothing happens - no process in the background, either. tried the patch that came with the Revival project (Patch_InMemoriam_2005_09_05.EXE) and also the 1.1 patch and 2.1 patch still hosted by Ubisoft (the first seemed to install, the second didn't.) Tried compatibility settings (Windows 95, etc), still no luck. Any leads appreciated, Paul
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