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  1. Version 1.0


    The tool for the Microsoft Store version of the game is based in part on the Flawless Widescreen findings by HaYDeN, removing black bars from the game and allowing to change the third-person and first-person field of view in real time. Unpack the archive with software like 7zip or PeaZip using the password pcgw Launch the game, followed by the tool. Enable the black bars fix and press Alt+Enter in the game twice to properly adjust the aspect ratio. Alternatively, enable the fix at the loading intro screens. All trainers containing CE components may trigger some anti-v
  2. Version 1.0


    The tool for the Microsoft Store / Game Pass version of Torchlight III fixes the issues affecting the game at ultrawide and wider resolutions, removing the black bars and adjusting the field of view to vertically match that of 16:9 at every scene. Unpack the archive with software like 7zip or PeaZip using the password pcgw Launch the game, followed by the tool. Press the hotkey to toggle the fix on and off in real time. All trainers containing CE components may trigger some anti-virus software. Tested the latest Game Pass version primarily at 2560x1080 and 3840x1
  3. Hi. Update the game to the latest version (1.2) or use the See changelog button to download a previous version of the trainer made for an older game version.
  4. You are conflating two subjects here. One is the claim of the version being old and having no DLC, which is now debunked not only by me but also by all the screenshots and posts I linked, and by Frogwares themselves. The other is Nacon vs Frogwares in court, which is just briefly touched on in this thread, and there is no question that it will be up to the court to decide what to make of the parties' actions. The last known ruling from October 29, 2020 was in favor of Nacon but it's obviously not the end of it.
  5. Are you arguing for the sake of arguing? Do you realize that my findings are now also supported by Frogwares' own statements made in the video you linked? They say it's the Deluxe Edition of a recent version of the game. What is your evidence to the contrary?
  6. Assuming you don't trust me, which you shouldn't, pack it into an archive with infected as the password and send it as a false positive to the vendor (Microsoft in this case) and check back for the analyst response in a day or two, then check for Windows updates to get the latest malware definitions.
  7. What is the source for this? This is nothing out of the ordinary. All the past games with licensing and other issues I can think of have remained in the users' libraries - the Telltale games, Deadpool, Alan Wake, Ducktales, Monster High and more. We already know it was Valve that took it down in response to a DMCA request from Frogwares though, as documented in our wiki article.
  8. Did you try a few times with and without the mod to completely rule out the possibility of being caused by other things? Here is the cutscene on my end, using your file:
  9. Thanks. I patched your file and put it in my game version, then had the window mode as borderless as instructed, and it worked as intended. Can you describe your issues?
  10. Can you share the UnityPlayer.dll file of your version?
  11. Thanks! The wiki article has all the technical 🙂 I can post the tiny Manifest text files containing the creation / build dates of both versions but at this stage of the Steam discussions being filled with screenshots of the two free outfits added in the last Epic update, as well as screenshots of the Fool's Gold and Mystic Tomes quests exclusive to DLC, they are hardly relevant or more valuable than the reports from actual owners with hours of playtime. For anyone still in doubt, I would recommend just buying the game and checking it out. The two hours before refund are enough to reach the hot
  12. It all began with the recent release of The Sinking City on Steam. Some users quickly noticed the lack of achievements compared to the previous version available for a few hours of January 5. As the discussions began, some also noted the lack of cloud saves and DLC to purchase. Shortly after, the developer of the game made a post on the store page news feed to recommend against buying this version published by Nacon despite the publisher having been allowed to resume selling the game after a court ruling deeming the Frogwares' publishing contract termination "unlawful" and ordering "to refrain
  13. I'm not sure what's up then. My game version is on Game Pass but the trainer should work with other versions too. I tested it on GOG just a day or two ago as well. If this were related to your anti-virus software, you'd probably not be able to run the program at all, though you could still try disabling it. Also make sure that your F keys are functional. I've had people report issues with other solutions while having physically broken keys.
  14. Does the text turn green in the trainer after you press F5 with the game already running and in the menu? I tested it again at 48:9 today and it was working as intended.
  15. Version 1.0


    The tool removes black bars from the game in real time at resolutions wider than 21:9. Compared to the manual solution, it is for the Game Pass / Microsoft Store version of the game, automatically sets its resolution based on that of the desktop and has no aspect ratio limitations. Unpack the archive with 7zip or PeaZip using the password pcgw Run the game, followed by the tool. Press the Enable key as shown. If necessary, select any resolution in the game to force the game to use the display resolution. All trainers based on CE components may trigger some ant
  16. Version 1.0


    The tool removes black bars affecting wide resolutions at any aspect ratio. Unlike the existing solution, it works with Game Pass and corrects the vertical field of view per scene automatically (inspired by killer-m's work), also allowing to see the current FOV and modify it in real time. Download and unpack the archive with 7zip or PeaZip, using the password pcgw Launch the game first, followed by the tool. Press the keys as instructed. All trainers based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software. Tested the latest Microsoft Store / Game Pass version
  17. Version 1.0


    The small patcher forces the game to use your display resolution, removing black bars at 21:9 and wider. Keep in mind that it does not work in the exclusive fullscreen mode. Download and unpack the archive. Use the tool to patch the file found in the game folder as instructed. In the game, select any resolution and make sure the window mode is windowed/borderless. Tested the latest Steam version at 2560x1080, briefly at 3440x1440, 5120x2160 and 3840x1080. You can buy me a coffee or become a patron.
  18. I've sent some of my files to Microsoft, while some of the others may have been sent by others and later removed as false positives. I may have done it to version 2.0 too. You can check back on your submission regarding 2.1 later as well. Either way, it's good you found a solution that you feel comfortable with.
  19. Microsoft's initial scan is based on the current definitions. Wait for their analyst response. CE trainers containing its components are not just often treated as malware but always are. You can generate a completely empty trainer right now and check it with VirusTotal to see how it fares. My suggestion is to do what you feel is right though. I lose nothing when somebody chooses not to use any of my solutions but I'm glad if it helps.
  20. Read the description carefully please. Also this.
  21. As you know from Discord, version 1.3.1 of the trainer addressed this issue, so I'm just informing the community that it should now be fixed - as tested by you!
  22. Uploaded your archive here as a comment, unchanged. Thanks. Death Stranding Combo-Launch for Rose's Display Mod.zip
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