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  1. It is a commendable effort but there are likely quite a few inaccuracies, as pointed out earlier on reddit.

    You should avoid setting any of the games to "yes" for native support unless you are absolutely sure about it. Otherwise you may end up misleading fellow ultrawide users into buying a game only to have to ask for a refund.

  2. 45 minutes ago, Waschbär said:

    On a sidenote: Is it really necessary for the "series" table to be replaced by the taxonomy link? Not only does it give a quick overview but also allows one to jump quickly between the titles. Now I have to visit another page - which also doesn't offer much more valuable information.

    I think this would be one case where a duplicate information is acceptable. And if it's about the number of titles for some series becoming longer and longer, maybe just make the table collapsible and only show a handful until someone clicks "expand" or something.

    One of my suggestions to incorporate both ideas was to look at the way music album chronology is done on Wikipedia, as seen here:

    It's not as much information at a glance as there used to be but it's also not as bad as having to always go to the series page to navigate the articles. The code for the template is here. I would not say I see it as the perfect solution or one I would personally enjoy the most but it's an option to consider.

  3. 12 hours ago, ZLoth said:

    For the Aztez game, it appears the saved game location is %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Team Colorblind\Aztez

    Just move the folder and see whether your progress is affected. If confirmed, you can add it to the article without much thinking.

  4. 1 hour ago, Andytizer said:

    The move to drop support for macOS and Linux is most likely to do with the fact that Epic acquired Rocket League developer Psyonix in 2019, and the fact that Epic Games Store does not support macOS or Linux.

    The Epic Games Store natively supports macOS.

    and so forth.

  5. 19 minutes ago, tecnocrat said:

    Ma boys, who's the guy who's not getting da'internet nowadays?

    No, really. I have not care about 'always connected' games since 2010, since the inception of Steam. We are going to cloud gaming. You are going to pay less for more but more regularly. Monthly actually. For 40€ Approx you have Origin, Uplay, Gamepass… And more is coming.

    And baby you need a stable, high bandwith connection to use any of those services. Computers always are expensive. The thing is to use it and also make some money. Then it evens out. A PC is always a good investment I mean.

    There are still many people that have low-speed or unstable internet connections. They may soon to become a minority if they aren't already, but so are Mac, Linux, ultrawide, multimonitor, hearing-impaired and colorblind users. Here on PCGW we try to make sure nobody is left out.

  6. 42 minutes ago, Uhuru N'Uru said:

    Metro Exodus has Denuvo which (For that Denuvo version) requires the game be launched from the store, every few days. Control just runs, apparently DRM free, though I suspect it's not intentional, but I've not had the fail to run, I get with Metro Exodus. That is the only good thing Epic offers, but it's my most desired feature, and it's most likely to be a bug, which says it all. 

    That is not a bug. Games on the EGS are DRM-free by design, as pointed out by Aemony in our Epic Games Store article.

  7. egs.thumb.jpg.a4e7553f96a32da718eb3cf7df037a93.jpg

    Epic Games just posted an August update on the recently shipped and upcoming features of the store. Although cloud saves were enabled with the giveaway of Moonlighter and This War of Mine on July 25, which was promptly reflected on the wiki, followed by the creation of the list of games that support EGS save game cloud syncing, more games have become supported since then.

    The addition of cloud save support to World War Z and The Sinking City is new and especially important because of the progression loss issues that some of the World War Z players struggled with at launch.

    Among the other released features are the support of keyless Humble Bundle integration, product pages UI refresh and game videos hosted by Epic Games.

    The more notable announcements were the showcasing of the upcoming library UI redesign and the statement on game time tracking being close to release.

  8. GMGIuTv.jpg.2083841703e0c230b2c2a754418b6b3d.jpg

    As reported earlier this week by Bleeping Computer, ArsTechnica and other sources, a security researcher found a vulnerability that allows to gain full access to the target computer through elevated privileges, which could be exploited by malicious game creators. According to the articles and included researcher statements, Valve have rejected two researchers' attempts to get rewarded for reporting the issue through the HackerOne platform on the basis of being out of scope and allegedly requiring physical access to the device.

    The researches decided to go public as the result.

    Since then, Valve appear to have patched the Steam client but only in the beta as of today.

    Update: On August 13, the main client was also updated to patch the vulnerability.

    Update 2: Bypassing the fix is possible.

  9. The law firm statement makes the matter even more confusing.

    It starts by describing the vulnerability but then quotes the Epic page that addresses password dumps in general.

    Here is the tweet Aemony mentioned:


    AnotherGills has done a great job at writing for the news section but there should be more research done before re-posting news or outright fake news from the biased Steam-centric communities of reddit. The scope should also be widened. The recent Steam vulnerability that's only been patched in the beta so far is much more severe than the alleged Epic Games vulnerability in that it allows a malicious game creator to gain access to the owners' computers, not just one account from a link that needs to have been clicked on, yet we're not seeing big titles or much publicity for that.

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