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  1. Did you try a few times with and without the mod to completely rule out the possibility of being caused by other things? Here is the cutscene on my end, using your file:
  2. Thanks. I patched your file and put it in my game version, then had the window mode as borderless as instructed, and it worked as intended. Can you describe your issues?
  3. Can you share the UnityPlayer.dll file of your version?
  4. Thanks! The wiki article has all the technical 🙂 I can post the tiny Manifest text files containing the creation / build dates of both versions but at this stage of the Steam discussions being filled with screenshots of the two free outfits added in the last Epic update, as well as screenshots of the Fool's Gold and Mystic Tomes quests exclusive to DLC, they are hardly relevant or more valuable than the reports from actual owners with hours of playtime. For anyone still in doubt, I would recommend just buying the game and checking it out. The two hours before refund are enough to reach the hotel and check for the Mystic Tomes starting quest. Yes, though I would still add that the Gamesplanet and Frogwares launcher versions offered by the developer likely do not have achievements or cloud saves either, and it's unclear for the Origin version. As for DLC, based on the reports and official store pages, the DLC content is identical to the Deluxe version sold by Frogwares through Gamesplanet and Origin, though the Origin version allows to additionally purchase the smaller DLC unrelated to side quests, but that would cost more than the base game with DLC from Nacon. The best part is that we have this choice.
  5. It all began with the recent release of The Sinking City on Steam. Some users quickly noticed the lack of achievements compared to the previous version available for a few hours of January 5. As the discussions began, some also noted the lack of cloud saves and DLC to purchase. Shortly after, the developer of the game made a post on the store page news feed to recommend against buying this version published by Nacon despite the publisher having been allowed to resume selling the game after a court ruling deeming the Frogwares' publishing contract termination "unlawful" and ordering "to refrain from any further action". With statements like "Further proof that France doesn't need to exist anymore" aimed at the publisher, Steam users began to purchase the game and review bomb, never going beyond the two hours refund threshold, while making claims about the version of the game being old, having no DLC or support, or the publisher stealing from the developer. PC Gamer and Polygon echoed some of the statements, relying on the top rated reviews which were "mostly negative" at the time, starting around 25% approval. - PC Gamer SteamDB immediately sided with the developer by quoting their statement on the app page in an unprecedented manner, while ResetEra also followed suit, with the OP of the dedicated thread stating "It also apparently lacks DLC". On our end, there were users who edited the article and inserted all the same unverified claims, while violating the style guidelines at the same time. I had the latest version of the Necronomicon Edition on Epic Games Store and decided to check for some of the claims by comparing my files to those of a friend who had the Steam version. As it turned out, the important files of the Epic version were created in October 2019, around the time the game received its last update, while the current Steam version was built in June 2020, just prior to the game becoming unavailable on Epic, with a GOG Galaxy integration file placed in preparation for release, and also just prior to Frogwares releasing the game on Origin and other platforms. This questioned the idea of the build being old. Now with the Frogwares' discouraging statement removed from the store page, legitimately interested users purchasing the game and looking into it, it was found and confirmed by multiple users that the standard and only offered edition of the game by Nacon is newer than the Necronomicon Edition on Epic, and on par with the Deluxe Edition offered by Frogwares on Origin and Gamesplanet, containing all the bonus missions in the game's existence and costing only $16 compared to the $65 of the Frogwares release. At the same time, the average user score was getting better, climbing up to 48%, or Mixed, as of this writing. Many still remained bitter and unwilling to accept being wrong, with PC Gamer and Polygon never correcting the articles, the current top-rated Steam review being negative, containing insults and saying "No DLC.", with /r/gaming and /r/TheSinkingCity quickly taking down links to the Steam thread discussing the presence of DLC in the game. Sometimes the truth is hard to find or seen as the biggest enemy in the comfort of existing beliefs, and maybe that is when PCGamingWiki comes into the picture to give you the latest technical facts and details. We just have to stay vigilant, never speculate, and always double check. Here's to it!
  6. I'm not sure what's up then. My game version is on Game Pass but the trainer should work with other versions too. I tested it on GOG just a day or two ago as well. If this were related to your anti-virus software, you'd probably not be able to run the program at all, though you could still try disabling it. Also make sure that your F keys are functional. I've had people report issues with other solutions while having physically broken keys.
  7. Does the text turn green in the trainer after you press F5 with the game already running and in the menu? I tested it again at 48:9 today and it was working as intended.
  8. Version 1.0


    The tool removes black bars from the game in real time at resolutions wider than 21:9. Compared to the manual solution, it is for the Game Pass / Microsoft Store version of the game, automatically sets its resolution based on that of the desktop and has no aspect ratio limitations. Unpack the archive with 7zip or PeaZip using the password pcgw Run the game, followed by the tool. Press the Enable key as shown. If necessary, select any resolution in the game to force the game to use the display resolution. All trainers based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software. Tested the latest Game Pass version at 3840x1080, 11520x1080, 5760x1080 and 2711x1055. You can buy me a coffee or become a patron.
  9. Version 1.0


    The tool removes black bars affecting wide resolutions at any aspect ratio. Unlike the existing solution, it works with Game Pass and corrects the vertical field of view per scene automatically (inspired by killer-m's work), also allowing to see the current FOV and modify it in real time. Download and unpack the archive with 7zip or PeaZip, using the password pcgw Launch the game first, followed by the tool. Press the keys as instructed. All trainers based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software. Tested the latest Microsoft Store / Game Pass version at 2560x1080. You can buy me a coffee or become a patron.
  10. Version 1.0


    The small patcher forces the game to use your display resolution, removing black bars at 21:9 and wider. Keep in mind that it does not work in the exclusive fullscreen mode. Download and unpack the archive. Use the tool to patch the file found in the game folder as instructed. In the game, select any resolution and make sure the window mode is windowed/borderless. Tested the latest Steam version at 2560x1080, briefly at 3440x1440, 5120x2160 and 3840x1080. You can buy me a coffee or become a patron.
  11. I've sent some of my files to Microsoft, while some of the others may have been sent by others and later removed as false positives. I may have done it to version 2.0 too. You can check back on your submission regarding 2.1 later as well. Either way, it's good you found a solution that you feel comfortable with.
  12. Microsoft's initial scan is based on the current definitions. Wait for their analyst response. CE trainers containing its components are not just often treated as malware but always are. You can generate a completely empty trainer right now and check it with VirusTotal to see how it fares. My suggestion is to do what you feel is right though. I lose nothing when somebody chooses not to use any of my solutions but I'm glad if it helps.
  13. Read the description carefully please. Also this.
  14. As you know from Discord, version 1.3.1 of the trainer addressed this issue, so I'm just informing the community that it should now be fixed - as tested by you!
  15. Uploaded your archive here as a comment, unchanged. Thanks. Death Stranding Combo-Launch for Rose's Display Mod.zip
  16. I try to avoid accepting offers of this nature, as there is no way to know what's to expect. Every single game has its own code, so one could end up being really complex, while there would be a lot of pressure to complete the fix. It's the fastest way to burning out. I also have been quite busy with The Medium and the PCGW coverage of Werewolf, putting in many hours of work and hardly getting any sleep as of late. It's a double-edged sword, as I'm also happy with the community interest in this one and the benefits to users of all setups. Thanks for trusting in my ability to fix the game though. Anything is possible but it's all a matter of time. On that note, I saw conversations on the WSGF Discord about a Nioh 2 fix being available already, so you may want to look it up.
  17. Fixed this issue specific to split-screen and particularly prominent at 48:9 in the latest version. There was a game effect that multiplied the current FOV depending on which object is active, which caused a severe FOV increase at very wide resolutions.
  18. Please read the description of Option 1. Most cutscenes are rendered in real time.
  19. I used one of your injection points and another one inspired me to dig further today. More details on WSGF 😁
  20. Thanks again for the support. I'm glad it worked for your resolution. It's always been the goal. Sadly, I do not have access to Nioh 2 to help out but with its native 21:9 support it shouldn't be too hard to fix it for 32:9. Hopefully someone like Stevie or KingKrouch looks into it.
  21. That looks like another inaccurate reference point. Ignore the way the game appears at 16:9 on your end. Here is the way it really is at 16:9, from another video:
  22. I think you're comparing it wrong. Disabling the fix but not reloading the level will result in an FOV increase even at 16:9. Here is the same level from a random YouTube video:
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