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  1. Hello Rose! I´ll be back! I tried to make a new account and got an verification mail for the new account and voila my old account is the new. Act of god. 

    Would you please be so kind to patch Syberia 3 to the resolution 3840 x 1600? 

    Syberia3 Resolution.JPG

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    2. Deventer11


      Nothing 4me.... Works in 2017 but not today. So I do not have Cheatengine. I really like your trainers...:o)  

    3. Rose


      I downloaded the GOG version and found that although jackfuste's Cheat Engine solution works as intended, the same can be achieved without any external tools. Run the launcher (Syberia3.exe), set the graphics quality as desired, then quit it.
      Then just create a shortcut and add the following arguments

      -screen-width 3840 -screen-height 1600

      Run the launcher and disregard the displayed resolution, don't touch it and just click Play!image.thumb.png.d13f4a982658ee0987a569dd6e46ff41.png

    4. Deventer11


      Yes, it works perfect! I add the solution to the .exe and voila! Thank you Rose. No hexx; no cheat e991451925_Syberia3Screenshot2021_02.27-21_13_32_89.thumb.png.61084a25d09b4603c002f09f062a89ca.png1706863167_Syberia3Screenshot2021_02.27-21_24_33_72.thumb.png.b1790a3003dc01072955af9edb9c1f58.pngngine nessessary... 

      Syberia 3 Screenshot 2021.02.27 -

      Syberia 3 Screenshot 2021.02.27 -

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