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  1. Hi Rose, https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Council

    there is actually now way to set the game in 21:9 3440x1440! Why do they say that game support it??

    I tried out to fix 39 8E E3 3F to 8E E3 18 40 but the .exe crashes after start pressing. 

    Could you help again? If you want I can upload my registered .exe of The council!? 

    Good evening4now!

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    2. Rose


      I edited the wiki article to question ultrawide being set to true. It's really unfortunate.

      I don't have access to the game, and having the executable alone would not allow to debug it. Sorry!

      Perhaps you could try this.

    3. Deventer11


      Ups! Yes it seems the problem is only in cut-scenes! 

      On the other hand I cannot choose my resuliotion in options only 2560 x 1440. But it seems normal not streched oder st. else. What did you think? Looks normal isn´t it? 

      Thank you for enlighting and your help!

      The Council Screenshot 2019.10.20 -

    4. Deventer11


      But there are a lot of cut-scenes/dialogues! Is there no way to make the solution (wider is) better???

      The Council Screenshot 2019.10.20 -

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