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  1. 19 minutes ago, tecnocrat said:

    Ma boys, who's the guy who's not getting da'internet nowadays?

    No, really. I have not care about 'always connected' games since 2010, since the inception of Steam. We are going to cloud gaming. You are going to pay less for more but more regularly. Monthly actually. For 40€ Approx you have Origin, Uplay, Gamepass… And more is coming.

    And baby you need a stable, high bandwith connection to use any of those services. Computers always are expensive. The thing is to use it and also make some money. Then it evens out. A PC is always a good investment I mean.

    There are still many people that have low-speed or unstable internet connections. They may soon to become a minority if they aren't already, but so are Mac, Linux, ultrawide, multimonitor, hearing-impaired and colorblind users. Here on PCGW we try to make sure nobody is left out.

  2. 42 minutes ago, Uhuru N'Uru said:

    Metro Exodus has Denuvo which (For that Denuvo version) requires the game be launched from the store, every few days. Control just runs, apparently DRM free, though I suspect it's not intentional, but I've not had the fail to run, I get with Metro Exodus. That is the only good thing Epic offers, but it's my most desired feature, and it's most likely to be a bug, which says it all. 

    That is not a bug. Games on the EGS are DRM-free by design, as pointed out by Aemony in our Epic Games Store article.

  3. egs.thumb.jpg.a4e7553f96a32da718eb3cf7df037a93.jpg

    Epic Games just posted an August update on the recently shipped and upcoming features of the store. Although cloud saves were enabled with the giveaway of Moonlighter and This War of Mine on July 25, which was promptly reflected on the wiki, followed by the creation of the list of games that support EGS save game cloud syncing, more games have become supported since then.

    The addition of cloud save support to World War Z and The Sinking City is new and especially important because of the progression loss issues that some of the World War Z players struggled with at launch.

    Among the other released features are the support of keyless Humble Bundle integration, product pages UI refresh and game videos hosted by Epic Games.

    The more notable announcements were the showcasing of the upcoming library UI redesign and the statement on game time tracking being close to release.

  4. GMGIuTv.jpg.2083841703e0c230b2c2a754418b6b3d.jpg

    As reported earlier this week by Bleeping Computer, ArsTechnica and other sources, a security researcher found a vulnerability that allows to gain full access to the target computer through elevated privileges, which could be exploited by malicious game creators. According to the articles and included researcher statements, Valve have rejected two researchers' attempts to get rewarded for reporting the issue through the HackerOne platform on the basis of being out of scope and allegedly requiring physical access to the device.

    The researches decided to go public as the result.

    Since then, Valve appear to have patched the Steam client but only in the beta as of today.

    Update: On August 13, the main client was also updated to patch the vulnerability.

    Update 2: Bypassing the fix is possible.

  5. The law firm statement makes the matter even more confusing.

    It starts by describing the vulnerability but then quotes the Epic page that addresses password dumps in general.

    Here is the tweet Aemony mentioned:


    AnotherGills has done a great job at writing for the news section but there should be more research done before re-posting news or outright fake news from the biased Steam-centric communities of reddit. The scope should also be widened. The recent Steam vulnerability that's only been patched in the beta so far is much more severe than the alleged Epic Games vulnerability in that it allows a malicious game creator to gain access to the owners' computers, not just one account from a link that needs to have been clicked on, yet we're not seeing big titles or much publicity for that.

  6. cloud.png.64b1be4dc567e96b4e0ecfe41dd489d2.png

    The last two games given away by Epic Games, This War of Mine and Moonlighter, came to the store on July 25 with support for cloud saving, including checks for differences and the option to force sync.

    That was followed by a tweet by Tim Sweeney saying that no developer updates should be required to enable cloud support for their games.

    There is no evidence of any other games supporting cloud saving yet, but the feature was marked as released 5 hours ago, as scheduled since the last change to the roadmap, initially planned for May.

    The PCGamingWiki team have already made changes to allow for marking games as having cloud support on the Epic Games Store. We also have a list that will get updated as more games get cloud support.


  7. 53 minutes ago, Andytizer said:

    These are only the numbers for the 1st day of refunds, I suspect the number is at least in the thousands. SidAlpha mentioned a 4000 refund estimate. The real number has yet to be released.

    That is true but his figure was based on one Discord message that somehow translated the already subjective "almost everyone is upset" to 4000 people. Where can we see those messages of thousands of dissatisfied customers? Even the Shenmue 3 announcement on EGS exclusivity only has 1961 comments to this day (1.5 months period), often including comments posted en masse by a handful of angry backers.

    Provided the developer is honest about the figures, I would put the overall figure close to that number simply based on the assumption that every dissatisfied customer would attempt to ask for a refund as soon as they find out, not days later.

    Edit: I joined the RogueTech Discord server of 4000+ people and searched for "refund", which resulted in only 66 hits, about half of which are from before the announcement, thus unrelated.roguetech.thumb.png.cfd6da0970794f21c1f862d941656884.png

  8. heavy_mech_mechwarrior_5.0.jpeg


    On July 25, Piranha Games announced that MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and that it would fully refund fans angered by the move from Valve’s Steam platform. That same day, studio president Russ Bullock did an ask-me-anything (AMA) live with fans. The audio of that conversation, released July 29 as a podcast, provides a revealing look into the independent studio’s decision to sign a one-year exclusivity agreement with Epic Games.

    Bullock gave multiple reasons for the exclusivity agreement. Chief among them was the amount of exposure that MechWarrior 5 would get on the front page of the Epic Games Store as compared to Steam.

    “It’s a good platform,” Bullock said, referring to Steam. “But, as we’ve done our updates and our little exposure rounds that they provide [for MechWarrior Online], what I’ve found is the critical mass [of other new games being released] is just so heavy over there that ... after a patch or something ... 10 hours later it’s done and you’re buried again. So that was a concern for us and, I think, it’s a growing concern for a lot of smaller developers.”

    By contrast, Bullock said his team expects to be in front of Epic Games Store customers for a full month or more after his game comes out. Additionally, he cited the increased volume of new users that will he expects will be adopting the platform for Borderlands 3, which will be releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store around the same time as MechWarrior 5.

    The goal, he said, is to sell at least 1 million copies of MechWarrior 5. Given what he knows about the sales of Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech and other games in the same genre, he believes that’s entirely possible. Moreover, he feels it’s especially possible on the Epic Games Store.

    Beyond the marketing, there was clearly a profit margins motivation for Bullock and the team at Piranha. Selling through Steam would have given away 5% of revenues to Epic Games for use of its Unreal Engine and then another 30% to Valve. Meanwhile, on the Epic Games Store, his team will only owe Epic 12% in total. For a game already being developed under license, which owns rights to the intellectual property itself, the difference is significant; more than $9 million more in profit for his team on one million units sold.

    He emphasized that he and his team were fully aware of the backlash they would receive from fans when they made the deal, which was brokered at the end of April. Nevertheless, Bullock said that he was compelled to make the decision for the good of the franchise, and to secure its future and the potential for a sequel down the line.

    Bullock said that refunds were being issued by the studio itself, and not from Epic Games as was the case recently with Shenmue 3. He explained that of more than 20,000 pre-orders of MechWarrior 5, only 700 refunds were requested on the first day. Polygon has reached out to Piranha to see where that number is today, and will update this article with any additional information we receive.

    Most surprising to Bullock were consumer concerns over account security. Many outspoken critics of the Epic Game Store suspect that the client is an elaborate Trojan horse, with spyware baked in by Chinese megacorporation Tencent, which owns a non-majority stake in North Carolina-based Epic Games. That accusation has been refuted multiple times by Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney, and was refuted by Bullock as well.

    You can listen to the entire podcast, which spans two different recordings over two days, on Soundcloud. The deadline for those who pre-ordered the game to request a refund is Sept. 1.

    The story is from Polygon.

  9. It certainly wouldn't be right to just convert the n/a to true. I'm not sure if this is what you referred to on Discord, but there are editors that take n/a as "not available", which would mean a large number of those pages may need to have it set to false. As with the new "always on" and "limited" options, the way to go would be to just revisit the pages or replay the games to make adjustments.

    Moreover, this incorrect understanding of the meaning behind n/a and thus the presumably large amount of articles being misleading would make it of little use in a list of games for hearing-impaired players.

    On the numbers, I would assume the number of games where AA or Vsync is set to true is even larger than 16756, and it's unknown how many of those should be at "always on" or "limited" but the number alone didn't get in the way of implementing the new properties, so I don't think it should be used as an argument against recommending to set subtitles to true for text-based games. As it stands now, the n/a property for text-based games is almost always accompanied with a note to actually explain what it means which suggests there's something wrong with its application, so I don't see the less common scenario of a primarily text-based game with some voiced dialogue as an obstacle - it can be explained with a note too.

  10. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to see a game with subtitles set to n/a for when all of the dialogue is text-based.

    Say I'm hearing impaired or I want to play a game at work but remain aware of the real world around me, or have any other reason to not want to hear any dialogue - I may use the wiki to look for games that have subtitles. If we had a list for such games, I would naturally sort to highlight the ones set to true, not something as obscure as n/a. You may convince me otherwise, but the real question is whether it would be as apparent to a newcomer.

    Besides, by dictionary definition subtitles do not have to accompany any voiced dialogue. One of the two Merriam-Webster definitions for subtitle is


    : a printed statement or fragment of dialogue appearing on the screen between the scenes of a silent motion picture or appearing as a translation at the bottom of the screen during the scenes of a motion picture or television show in a foreign language



  11. On 6/17/2019 at 10:15 PM, rain3x said:

    The fact that the EGS harvests data off your computer without your permission, the same way more malware does.

    There's nothing factual about that claim. It's based on a reddit post from a user that doesn't even understand the basics of Process Monitor, let alone common software behavior.

    Completely debunked here, here and here, among other places.

  12. The case of Chaosbane is confusing because there were reports by people buying the standard edition and playing it on the 31st.

    In general, I don't think it's of much value to have a separate field for games that have this type of pre-order early access. Even if we do implement it, unless we name it "pre-order release date" or something as clear, we'd still need notes on how the date is tied to pre-orders only, and this need for extra notes means we might as well just keep delivering this information through notes only. I don't think it's that common to offer early access as part of pre-orders but you can correct me if I'm wrong.

  13. I'm okay with the idea and I don't think PCGW will miss out on anything if those links are removed.

    When adding a link to an article I'm thinking of whether it would be valuable to a potential reader and how much weight there is to it. There's no universal approach, because linking a wiki or a subreddit for a game released on the EGS with no official platforms to offer is of different value compared to adding it to a game that is on Steam, where the Steam Discussions and Guides platforms are commonly used to achieve the same purpose as that of a subreddit or a wiki, to name a few.

    I don't think the discussion started over the presumed confusion between official vs community. It was Aemony asking about the more appropriate wording for a non-official wiki - "community" (used by me) vs "unofficial" (used by Aemony). It's of no essence but my argument for and reasoning behind the word "community" is purely based on the guidelines and commonly used words in the articles - GOG.com Community Discussions, Steam Community Discussions, and especially Community wikis - all taken from Key points and General information. The word "unofficial" isn't even used on the page.

  14. RoseToday at 7:26 PM
    had to undo these by SirYodaJedi
    Index.php?title=Warhammer: Chaosbane&diff=788235&oldid=788229
    Warhammer: Chaosbane at PCGamingWiki - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods, guides and improvements for every PC game.
    I don't see how setting surround sound to always on just because it's there is of help
    there are no clear disadvantages to how most games do surround sound - simply by using all the speakers, with no toggle
    AemonyToday at 7:41 PM
    @Rose always on is the proper value to use when the game supports surround sound but does not expose an option to configure it manually
    The color is simply because it's neither true nor false, and should not be either
    Blue was thrown around as another color, but was discarded because of hackable already using it
    RoseToday at 7:43 PM
    has any surround sound user ever complained about not being able to switch to 2.0 through the game UI?
    AemonyToday at 7:44 PM
    That's not the point. It's to separate games between those that require manual configuration to enable it, or those that automatically configures themselves, basically
    The use of always on on AA parameter is for a similar purpose
    RoseToday at 7:45 PM
    wasn't it created to suggest something is limiting? for surround sound it's not
    AemonyToday at 7:45 PM
    It was created to suggest that something is always on
    We already have limited for rows with limited support etc
    RoseToday at 7:46 PM
    was surround sound specifically discussed?
    AemonyToday at 7:46 PM
    This is separate from that
    It was one of the parameters @Garrett added support for and mentioned in another channel
    The editing guide have been updated to reflect its use in the case of surround sound as well
    RoseToday at 7:50 PM
    alright, I see the new description and I don't generally disagree on it. then the issue would lie in the unified color that looks like it's for something limiting or for a half-measure, while I'd bet for surround users it's the desired behavior
    AemonyToday at 7:50 PM
    @SirYodaJedi's edits to the Warhammer article seems in line with the new always on state if there is no built-in toggle for that game for either AA, surround sound, or subtitles
    The color is easily changed, and will probably be changed. It was taken because it was easily available after SuicideMachine used it for his limited icon for the platform features overview
    RoseToday at 7:51 PM
    no wonder it looks limiting!
    Yoda's change to the subs row is not correct at all, per the reason I stated in the edit description
    AemonyToday at 7:53 PM
    Always enabled at the cutscenes and dialogue.[5]
    I assume there's no option to disable subs?
    RoseToday at 7:53 PM
    the characters speak beyond dialogue
    when they're out of energy and such
    no subs for it
    AemonyToday at 7:53 PM
    If so, then set it to always on and make a note about how some phrases don't have subs
    Games typically includes random phrases and stuff here and there that might not have subtitles
    What's important is whether the important stuff have subs or not
    PCGamingWiki PCGW Community
    Overhaul of the editing guide?
    A long conversation between multiple PCGW staff members and PCGW community members on the official PCGW Discord brought up a good suggestion: overhaul the editing guide. Ive taken the liberty of putting the chat log below, as it introduces the topic much more effectively than...
    There's the thread that touches upon clarifying a lot of what the rows actually meant and how users are supposed to approach them, etc
    My last reply from 3 hours ago introduced a first draft of trying to (as much as possible) separate parameters into "The game support XXXX" and "An option is available XXXX" to make it clearer whether it's supposed to be set based on whether a game supports the use of something  or has a toggle to configure something
    The subtitles row would basically become An option is available to toggle subtitles for dialogue and conversations in the game or something similar, which would mean always on would dictate that subs are available, but can't be disabled
    RoseToday at 8:06 PM
    the icon really needs to be changed urgently if it's to be used so widely, because most of the time it will not point at limits or half-measures associated with the color yellow and further confounded by the lock icon
    AemonyToday at 8:16 PM
    Any suggestions for an alternative color scheme?
    RoseToday at 8:18 PM
    why was it decided against green?
    AemonyToday at 8:19 PM
     Having it "green" suggests that whatever it is that's locked "always on" is positive, which typically isn't the case, such as with these:
    - Mouse acceleration/smoothing being locked to always on.
    - Anti-aliasing being locked to always on.
    - Subtitles/Closed captions being locked to always on. 
    always on should be neutral, as it can be either "positive" or "negative" depending on the scenario
    RoseToday at 8:23 PM
    for surround sound it's predominately if not always positive. for subtitles it's neutral indeed but not limiting. I don't think you had games like Chaosbane in mind when that example was used. it's not a movie or text always appearing on the screen. it's very situational. for AA and smoothing that may be the case, but for AA it depends on the implementation - whether it makes the game look blurrier
    AemonyToday at 8:24 PM
    We can't use separate colors for the setting based on the parameter involved, hence we are going for a generic color that can be applied across all
    The current "green-brownish" color have the benefit of being partially based in brown, which apparently is the color you get if you mix green + red together
    RoseToday at 8:26 PM
    most games support surround sound, and something visibly different would needlessly highlight the row
    AemonyToday at 8:26 PM
    And it's appropriately lame
    Any color change would have that effect
    It's a minor threshold in the long run that only exist when a new state is introduced
    RoseToday at 8:27 PM
    so keeping it green wouldn't. the lock would say enough to those interested
    AemonyToday at 8:27 PM
    There's more issues with keeping it green (it's not neutral as it needs to be) than not
    Keeping it green is not an option
    It would end up with more OMG PCGW THINKS FORCED MOUSE ACCELERATION IS A GOOD THING!!! than having it the current color
    I'd prefer blue myself, but as mentioned it clashes somewhat with the hackable state
    The opposite of the color blue is apparently orange, but having it orange separates it even more than its current green-brownish color
    RoseToday at 8:35 PM
    it shouldn't be at the cost of implying surround sound or subtitles are bad things. you can poll surround sound users and I don't think they'll ever say it's a bad / limiting / questionable thing to have a game use all their speakers and offer no toggle
    yellow is commonly seen as a warning color, across the world
    there's nothing warning about surround sound being that way
    AemonyToday at 8:36 PM
    It's neither yellow, orange, or red though
    It's green-brownish
    RoseToday at 8:36 PM
    let me get that color picker :smile:
    AemonyToday at 8:36 PM
    Anyway, you can't merely focus on a single parameter and argue the semantics of the use of said color for that particular parameter
    We use general colors applied across multiple parameters, and needs something that encompasses all possiblities as much as possible
    I can bring up that we shouldn't use RED for the color FALSE since No Mouse Acceleration option available or present IS NOT NEGATIVE all day, but we're not going to change the color of all FALSE values to green simply because having no mouse acceleration present in a game is generally considered a good thing among PC gamers
    RoseToday at 8:38 PM
    AemonyToday at 8:39 PM
    63.1 green vs. 62.7 red
    Almost properly balanced
    RoseToday at 8:40 PM
    Yellow is the color between orange and green on the spectrum of visible light. It is evoked by light with a dominant wavelength of roughly 570–590 nm. It is a primary color in subtractive color systems, used in painting or color printing. In the RGB color model, used to cre...
    poll the surround sound users though :smile:
    AemonyToday at 8:41 PM
    I am one, I am well aware that it's not seen as a negative thing
    But again, general application is of importance here
    Unless you have better alternative colors than green to to suggest then the current color will most likely stand for now since Andy also gave its approval in the forum thread
    It's appropriately "meh" and balanced between green and red that it can serve well enough for now
    RoseToday at 8:46 PM
    the wiki really needs global RfCs for this type of stuff so that a decision of this scope doesn't revolve around just one or two people
    RoseToday at 8:53 PM
    I get the need for it and the color for AA and mouse acceleration but the rest seems like an afterthought affecting hundreds of pages and viewers
    AemonyToday at 8:56 PM
    There's too many scenarios and edge cases to account for every single thing. At one point or another you'll just have to jump in and tidy up the minor issues that might arise after. As it stands, the color of the icon is hardly an issue beyond the initial notice that it will cause readers before they get used to it
    AndytizerToday at 8:57 PM
    I think the yellow colour is good
    MarioysikaxToday at 8:59 PM
    wait, does the template insertion now insert current date automagically?
    AemonyToday at 8:59 PM
    MarioysikaxToday at 9:01 PM
    I love this
    AemonyToday at 9:03 PM
    You're welcome :smile:
    RoseToday at 9:03 PM
    where Aemony sees people angry about mouse acceleration being green and surround sound users being edge cases, I see that most people don't even notice the blur of AA, they don't know what mouse acceleration is, but if they're surround sound users, I can imagine them being angry at the notion of something cautionary or neutral about games automatically adjusting to their setup
    AemonyToday at 9:03 PM
    Even inserts your username for refuser templates
    something cautionary
    RoseToday at 9:04 PM
    I demonstrated it with the wiki link
    AemonyToday at 9:04 PM
    Tell them to read the legend for the icon then, and they would understand its purpose
    RoseToday at 9:07 PM
    the same could be said for it being green and applied to AA, and you'd have even more success because you'd argue with the lock icon in hand
    AemonyToday at 9:08 PM
    Guys? You see that green lock? Well, that means you can't disable AA! Isn't that GOOD!
    Again though, these sorts of changes aren't implemented to cater to certain use cases or scenarios or groups of people
    RoseToday at 9:16 PM
    a cautionary color and a lock and "no native option" for eventually hundreds of pages where the option is universally seen as positive and good is just not right and much larger in scope than "some edge cases". I'll conclude with that, since you're quite set against the idea of green!
    AemonyToday at 9:17 PM
    It's not a cautionary color
    It just isn't green
    As for no native option, that can be rephrased better
    But it is accurate in that the game includes no native option built-in to adjust the feature
    I'm also open to suggests of other alternative colors
    As I've mentioned repeatedly
    If you think the current color is to "cautionary", then suggest another color (not green, red, or blue) that can be used instead
    AemonyToday at 9:22 PM
    The thread that touched on this matter is also still ongoing, and we're looking to implement various changes to clear up confusion and make it clearer for users (as I mentioned at the start somewhere I think), and part of those changes are almost certainly a rephrasing of the tooltips for these various states, as they don't properly account for the various scenarios they're used for.


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