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File Comments posted by Rose

  1. On 2/15/2020 at 8:49 AM, p4nterametal said:

    it is not working. I just tried to patch the game and i am getting "file was NOT patched" message. Was there a new update that broke the patch again?

    Can you share your executable from the latest GOG or Steam version? Before you do that though, make sure you're targeting the right "Shipping" executable rather than the first one you see in the main folder.

  2. Noita ultrawide mod

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    13 minutes ago, h1ms3lfito said:

    Great mod and tnks a ton!

    Problem, dunno if its just me: https://imgur.com/yIPqJYs

    Notice the sky color is being displayed in a line on top of the screen (from top center extending all the way to the sky in top right corner)

    Basically, as I move around, the top or botton (or both) will display a line "mirroring" the color of what should be further away in that direction (either above or below) of the gameworld.

    I tried editing some values around but no luck, is there any trick or editing to fix that?? Thanks for any help!

    Running at 2560x1080 Steam version.

    Thanks. It's a known issue but I haven't thought up a way to fix it yet. It's rather minor but can probably get annoying. Is it?

  3. 4 minutes ago, FreeMelania said:

    Just want to be very clear on the best practices here, currently running @ 5120x1440 (32:9) on a CRG9.

    Either use the trainer or the patcher not both, right?

    Patcher permanently fixes black bars and boosts FOV, while trainer requires everything to be toggled after launch but can also fix crop/zoom.

    Correct. The trainer is superior but I am keeping the patcher for user convenience and after a few expressed concerns about the (false) flagging of the trainer as malware by some AV vendors, similarly to every other CE trainer.

  4. 5 hours ago, Generico15 said:

    Antivirus detect ejecutable like a trojan.......


    That's the way some AV engines tend to react to packed executables. A moderator informed me of the matter so I remade the patcher. However, it is not uncommon for game hacks to be false flagged as malware.

  5. 5 hours ago, lanceromancer said:

    My Windows 10 built-in anti-virus does not allow me to open this file, says it's a virus. How to workaround? Using Xbox Game Pass and 2560x1080 resolution.

    Just add it to the list of exceptions. Any trainer built on CE components will trigger some anti-virus software. You can make your own in 5 minutes to test it.

  6. Quote

    While PC games are our specialty, pirated versions of them are not. Please do not add in links or information specific to pirated or cracked copies of games, as they will be removed. Note that this applies to illegitimate copies of abandonware title as well, as such copies are also considered pirated content and are thus subject to all restrictions stated above.

    If a pirated game is experiencing a problem, in most cases the best fix available is buying the game through a legitimate channel.


  7. Noita ultrawide mod

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    7 hours ago, Oopy Doopy said:

    Oh, very strange.  I do have the steam version as well.  Since I purchased on humble, I'll download the DRM free version as well to test and report back.

    EDIT: It's still not working with the Humble version.  I also tried running true fullscreen at 2560x1080 with the correct width for said resolution and it still isn't working.  Is there anything I can do to help you figure this out?

    Thanks for the continued feedback and offering to help. A while ago I had a user share their config file with me but it completely matched mine, so I had no idea what was wrong.

    I had another look at the game today and it turned out that it was indeed a global issue and I either didn't notice it earlier or it didn't occur for some reason.
    I updated the mod to hopefully put this particular issue to rest - tested at all the listed resolutions again.
    There are still a couple of unrelated imperfections I'm aware of and I might try to fix them in the future as well.

  8. Noita ultrawide mod

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    11 hours ago, Oopy Doopy said:

    This lighting issue is likely a problem for everyone.

    Not for me or the other PCGW editor I asked to test for the lighting issue for me. I still can't find a way to reproduce it in order to look into it.

    Here's a 5120x1440 screenshot from my earlier testing, suggesting it's not caused by 1440p resolutions either:


    Could it be specific to the Steam version?

  9. Just now, Selim said:

    Also is there any way I can fix the stretching for the screen edges? Will the FOV mod fix it ?

    Are you referring to the fisheye lens effect? I'm not seeing it in my screenshots but if it's there, that's simply how the game is displayed at higher FOV. The patcher doesn't adjust anything but that.

  10. 1 minute ago, Selim said:

    Works great thanks! Although Norton Antivirus tried to quarantine it thinking it is a WS.Reputation.1 threat.


    Awesome. Thank you for updating me on it. The "reputation" type of detection is probably related to the file being new to the internet, which is natural considering I created it today! In general, some false flagging is expected when it comes to patchers, trainers and other tools used to hack games.

  11. 13 minutes ago, Selim said:

    Hi, can you update this for version 120?





    113 is still the latest version of my press copy but I made the exe into a patcher that should work with all versions. Give it a try and let me know of the outcome.

  12. Just now, SN0ST0RM said:

    Hi Rose, whenever i download this file i get a archive corrupted error, i've used your RdR2 tool with no issues so im not sure why its happening with this one, i disabled my antivirus aswell just in case and same thing

    Hi. I downloaded and opened the archive without issues just now. Make sure you are using 7zip, PeaZip or possibly WinRar to open the archive and that the password is correct. Try a different browser if the issue is limited to downloading the file rather than unpacking. On Windows 10 you would have Edge and Internet Explorer to choose from.

  13. 14 hours ago, Xero said:

    I have a 3840 x 1600 ultrawide monitor and I still have tiny (0.25") black bars on side using the 21x9 patch. This is minor but if you can update the patch to use the full screen that'd be great. Also, the "Home Status" banner on the top left of the main hub is cut off.

    I added patchers for 3840x1600, 3440x1440 and similar resolutions. Someone told me they've played through a lot of the game with the mod, so I hope the Home Status issue isn't significant. Fixing UI can be a nightmare.

  14. 1 hour ago, CloneProtocol66 said:

    Hello everyone, I have the same problem. I used this lovely fix tool untill yesterday without any problem at all. Today Windows antivirus detect it as false positive and delete the .exe file as soon as I try to extract it again. The .exe file did not event goes in quarantene area, it simply dissapears. No metter if I add an exclusion in windows defender. 
    To author: you did an amazing tool, I'd really like to use it again, but I'm stuck in this mess.  

    You can see I haven't updated the tool very recently, so that must be related to a database update of the AV. I would suggest to keep trying to exclude it from its scans. Add the folder and file to the list. If that fails, add %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\cetrainers\ to the list of exclusions but make sure to remove it if you're to use trainers from people you don't trust.
    Briefly disabling the AV and not downloading anything that may harm the PC is another option.

  15. On 12/24/2019 at 12:45 AM, BeguilingWorm3 said:


    first i'd like to thank you for the work done, 

    I'm experiencing continuous crashes that won't event let me finish the first section of the game, I think is probably due to the latest patch. The 21:9 aspect ratio works, but I think the tool running is what makes the game crash

    Hi. I've played through the game with the tool always on and haven't had a crash apart from one type in the Fugitives chapter also reported by non-ultrawide users and presumably fixed in a game update since then.
    There is no way for me to know whether the crashes you had are related to the tool or the game itself, so it is not something I can investigate without specific details and save files that would let me reproduce the issue.

  16. 1 minute ago, EGOISTE said:

    Hi, Rose! After the latest patch, the fix doesn't seem to work properly...

    What is the issue? It worked fine for me. Keep in mind that you have to switch to Borderless or Fullscreen through the in-game menu for the latest version to work. Pressing alt+enter or selecting Windowed is no longer an option because of the aspect ratio detection feature I had implemented.

  17. 38 minutes ago, angrychauncey said:

    Made an account just to personally thank you for building this. I was so bummed that this didn't support 21:9, and now it's just so much more immersive. Is this kind of mod hard to build? I'm wondering why the developer couldn't just do it because it clearly works great.

    Thank you thank you!! :)

    Thank you for the kind words!
    Game developers are like movie directors. Shooting a game scene at 48:9 or even wider to cater to every user would mean making sure that no elements are out of place and nothing pops in. It is a few times more space to cover and think of.
    One widely known scene to explain this that I mentioned in an earlier comment is the appearance of the coffee cup in Game of Thrones. Imagine how many more elements they would have to remove or take into consideration if they shot at a wider aspect ratio.
    It's possible to hire more people for QA at wider resolutions but I suppose their thinking is that the few percent that are ultrawide and multimonitor users aren't worth the investments and rebuilding some of the assets for.

    As for whether it's hard to mod games for ultrawide support - provided you have a good understanding of assembly and software hacking in general, time is the biggest obstacle. Digging through the code, changing the code or injecting new code and testing the game can take many hours and several days of non-stop work.
    For Detroit in particular it's taken me about 20 fully dedicated hours on it without any distractions to deliver the latest version. If I were to chat, browse the web, play, cook food or what have you, it would have taken days at best.
    I always say that anything is hackable but our time is limited and we have to choose how to use it. It's easy to get burned out. There's a reason assembly is one of the least liked languages among programmers.

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