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File Comments posted by Rose

  1. Just now, aroger said:

    10 engines detected this file

    Again, it is essentially a hack tool and it's a new file so it triggers some AV, same as my FOV changer for The Sinking City and many other patchers / mods / trainers on WSGF and elsewhere.

    You can think I'm running a botnet from the thousands of downloads by now but you can also create a completely isolated sandbox environment and patch the file within it, or simply use the modified exe that should not trigger any AV.

  2. Just now, Z3PP said:

    This shows up as an unwaders virus on download that will launch ads on your computer. Please investigate. 

    The modified game file (option 1) will not get flagged by AV.

    The new patcher (option 2) is meant to modify files, so it gets flagged by some AV software (7 of the 71 AV engines on Virus Total), and even of those 7 most reasonably describe it as a "crack" - you are indeed to hack a game to force it to support your resolution.

    There is nothing about the virus you mentioned, so it might be that your PC is already infected by something that affects what you download or see online.

  3. 6 minutes ago, a420zombie said:

    its not an option to save over it 😞 that's why im confused! sorry, im bad at computers 😛


    Save it anywhere, then copy and paste. If there's no prompt at that, you may want to change the file name to match the target

  4. 3 minutes ago, a420zombie said:

    How do I use this? when I hit download, I can either open it, and nothing happens, or I can save it as a text file.... I am very lost. Would love some guidance on what im doing wrong


    Try the saving as a text file option but make sure it actually replaces the original file after the fact.