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  2. In an abundance of caution and because the time is overdue I am disabling native authentication on both the wiki and community site to prevent credential theft attacks. I can't directly protect against somebody proxying the SSO domain, but the SSO service will *not* hand out authentication tokens to non-PCGW domains. I will be adding links to the SSO account management to appropriate locations tonight and I advise all users to setup 2FA for their accounts.
  3. In the immediate term I’ve blacklisted the IPs at the CloudFlare level, they don’t seem to be very intelligent and if they decide to keep IP hopping I can automate the blocking easily. I am recording the backend addresses and will be submitting abuse complaints to the appropriate service providers if they persist as well.
  4. Sorry, problem with the community software and our object store - I’ve put a workaround in place to get it going again.
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