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  1. Its lol. 16 bit mode should not be used as it adds noise (dither) for smoothing (quantization feature associated with to reproduce a material of lower bit depth on a higher bit depth of the sound card). Try it yourself to listen to something trite in the 16-bit sound card mode and in 24-bit (but this does not apply to the source of the sound, music or other recordings there ... ). In moments of pause and transition from silence to loud sounds, there will be such background noise similar to telephone. Specifically now, of course, I already have no opportunity to retest this all again. But I t
  2. Sorry for the long answer, we had a problem with the input to the forum from another place, but not the essence. Just say this: the more direct the frequency response line and the lower the noise value with the mixing of stereo channels, and with less distortion the better. And here you do not need to be an audiophile to understand this, and even more so to feel, it will be noticeable immediately when comparing the two systems in real life by ear. And unfortunately, this situation will occur with any sound card.
  3. Hello everyone again, after some time after the publication of the comparison tests for sound quality in Windows 7 and 10, this laptop returned to me again and I decided to conduct better tests that finally show a significant difference. Used soft: RightMark Audio Analyzer See for yourself:
  4. Unfortunately, I no longer have the opportunity to conduct more tests, since this requires a second PC. I also read somewhere in the article that they fixed the incorrect work of the resampler, however this did not help much, since I conducted tests with the image of windows 7 which had all the updates until August 2018. And all that I wanted to show with these tests is that windows 10 does not require any special alterations for less-quality sound against a windows 7 background. As with most usage scenarios (in the same games), and for listening to music. If, of course, you have free time
  5. No, the drivers are the same absolutely and the conditions were all the same for 7 and 10. In the first message of this topic I left a link where it was clearly stated what exactly they had done. And again, everything is easily rechecked by yourself. And if I understand correctly with my level of English, it is possible that hardware acceleration and processing on hardware has returned to Windows 10, maybe partially. Perhaps the hardware acceleration was still in Windows 8, because when I used such devices, there was a tick in the sound settings that turned it on. But still this does not mean
  6. Yes, for sure, I somehow completely missed this moment with delays for myself, but I myself had such an incident when for some reason the sound came to Windows 7 in some games a little later, especially in network shooters. True it was a long time, but the fact. Also, thanks for helping to understand the situation, I hope this information will not be removed from the article.
  7. Thank you, of course, especially considering my level of English, but I am afraid this edit will also be canceled. But it’s not just the latency that are limited. This user https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Suicide_machine has for some reason thought himself to be a moderator and thinks that he knows everything better than others in this regard, although I cited above the evidence, which themselves are easily verified with 2 computers. https://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Glossary:Sound&oldid=677812
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to clarify why my editing in the article on sound is constantly canceled? https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Sound Here is the evidence on the pictures below about the difference in sound on the spectrograms. As you can probably notice, that on Windows 10 samples are more identical to the original, rather than on Windows 7. Used materials in this tests Source sound Windows 10 on Realtek Windows 10 on Creative G1 Windows 7 on Realtek Windows 7 on Creative G1 The peculiarity of this behavior in terms
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