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    mrpenguinb reacted to marioguy789 in Spider-Man (2001) Crash Upon Load (Unsolved Again)   
    I actually solved this issue by following the instructions given in by penguin:
    I did a clean installation of the game onto a different drive and kept it strictly out of the Program Files directories.  When the game ran for the first time, I also turned off my other two monitors as to not confuse the application.  The game now works fine along with the proper frame limit and dgVoodoo fixes listed in the PC Gaming Wiki page for this game.
    Will update to solved.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to angry doggo in Sega GT PC 60fps hack, no good?   
    WHAT seriously nobody replied? guess what I figured out how to make sega gt run 60fps. I used HxD hex editor and followed the instructions on pc gaming wiki. AND IT WORKS but there's one problem... the menus run too fast but when you get into a race it runs perfectly. I can't believe I'm replying to a 2 year old post so if you want the patched exe file here it is :) 
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    mrpenguinb reacted to dmeagher101 in We should note whether games support resolution scaling and/or how to achieve it   
    One feature that I find useful in PC games but, as far as I can tell, isn't documented on this site is resolution scaling, i.e. the ability of a game to internally render at a certain resolution and then scale it to a different one. This offers several advantages over letting the graphics card or display handle scaling including (1) the built-in scaling might be better quality than the scaling offered by the GPU or display (2) it allows elements such as the UI or text to remain at native resolution , and (3) it allows borderless window gaming at non-native monitor resolutions. Like other features that we document, the wiki would note which games natively support this feature, and/or which games it's possible to hack into. What are your thoughts on this?
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    mrpenguinb reacted to marioguy789 in Mega Man Legends Installation on Windows 10   
    After doing some more testing, I've pretty much decided that just running it in full screen with the original config file is sufficient enough, as I'm still able to tab out and record via OBS by going back in, so that's that for me.
    In any case, I appreciate everyone who has contributed to this thread.  I might make an update to the initial post later including the simplified explanation of this setup process, as it worked when simply installing the game and going through the process didn't, at least for me.  I may even have time to make my own video doing this setup myself, seeing as, thanks to you all, it all makes sense.
    The "lighting issue" in question on the forum still is not fixed by this process, some shadows are still missing, though fog is reintroduced and some scenes appear to be lit differently.
    The audio drifting during cutscenes also remains unresolved.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to cloudhaacker in Mega Man Legends Installation on Windows 10   
    No problem, it only got so convoluted because I was trying to fix things with everything installed, I figured it would be easier to start over lol. Sorry, sometimes I get really complicated when simple is better! 🙂
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    mrpenguinb reacted to cloudhaacker in Mega Man Legends Installation on Windows 10   
    I went back to check and I was having issues using F7 after getting it all going. Here's how I fixed it lol. Open up dgVoodoo and on the DirectX tab check Disable & Passthrough to real DirectX. We have to turn it off temporarily to change the renderer. Then set your desktop resolution to 640 x 480, again this will be temporary it just prevents everything from resizing and causing crashes. Start the game, and once it starts try pressing F7. In the first cutscene with the ship and the clouds you should see an immediate effect, the clouds look like they're outlined when DirectX wrapper is turned on, and the door will look right in the first scene after starting a new game, otherwise the door is almost black. Once you have the right renderer picked, use F9 to exit to menu then again to exit game, set your desktop resolution back and uncheck the Disable box in dgVoodoo to renable it. Should work. Here's a few comparison screenshots to show the differences.

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    mrpenguinb reacted to Nessy in Mega Man Legends Installation on Windows 10   
    Hey there.
    Specific modern applications can keep old installers and similar programs from running.
    An example are 32-Bit Setups not starting. Usually they can be found running but not progressing in the Task Manager. (As is the case here).
    It is extremely likely that another process is causing this hang-up because the Setup is "waiting for it".
    Here is what you can do:
    On Windows 10 the Task Manager has a feature called "Analyze Wait Chain" on the "Details" tab to find out what program the hanging process is waiting for. So open it up, move to the Details tab and rightclick your hanging Setup process. Then click on "Analyze Wait Chain". If another process is blocking it, the Task Manager will show you which one it is and offer you to terminate it directly.
    Windows 7 does not have that functionality, but there are programs that can fill in that role. (WaitingOn.exe for example).
    Prominent culprits:
    - Logitech Gaming Software and its drivers can keep most 32-Bit applications / setups from running. (Especially "logitechg_discord.exe" is a problem).
    - NVIDIA Experience and its overlay can be the second-in-command when it comes to the Setup-saboteurs. (nvcontainer.exe seems to be responsible. Kill that process chain or all of NVIDIA's running programs like Experience and Shadowplay).
    I hope that helps. Personally I have had that issue for a long time because of the 2 evildoers mentioned above, but killing those processes has solved every case of hanging Setups for me so far.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Aemony in Non sucky Antiviruses   
    I used to use BitDefender, and it was great up until the moment when it wasn't. For me, it was how injecting the Advanced Thread Defense module (scans processes I/O operations from within) often caused games and applications to crash -- with no real identifier about what caused the crash. Ubisoft games that were frequently updated in particular often saw major issues with it. It have historically had compatibility issues with other third-party tools such as Special K.
    It also had a tendency to constantly remind you of its presence, even if it were to notify you weekly about latest threats it prevented (0, every week).
    So after having used it for like 1-2 years of my 3 years subscription I ended up removing it from my machines one at a time as I noticed that Windows' built-in Defender provided me with basically the same level of protection with higher third-party compatibility and it didn't nag me about its presence.
    I still like BitDefender, but... nowadays I don't necessarily needs the most advance or in-depth security suite as user action is still the first (and most important) line of defense.
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    mrpenguinb got a reaction from tyl0413 in I got Virus: The Game running on a modern PC   
    Virus gets in-game for me without any tweaking, I had to install it in a 32-bit OS and then copy the game across (didn't bother with converting/wrapping the installer to 64-bit).
    The speed is way too fast though like you found out, but that is fixable using DxWnd to limit the framerate.
    1. Download and extract the latest version of DxWnd: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/
    2. Right-click in the middle of DxWnd's main window and select "Add". Browse to and select the VIRUS.exe file. Name the profile VIRUS or whatever you chose.
    3. Right-click the VIRUS profile that you just created and select "Modify" to edit it. Go to the "Main" tab, deselect "Run in a window".
    4. Go to the "Timing" tab and enable "Limit". Set the limit to 33 msec to run the game at 30 FPS. Increase the millisecond delay to decrease the frame rate further if needed.
    Limiting the framerate this way, makes it scalable to all types of CPU, instead of being relative with CPU percentage usage. Calculate the msec by dividing 1000 by the FPS.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Suicide machine in OpenAL32.dll is missing   
    Don't download dlls alone. If it says that "OpenAL32.dll is missing" and you've installed OpenAL redistributable, the issue is likely with system paths being configured incorrectly or broken - but that is weird, as OpenAL installs the DLL directly in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ and 64bit variant in C:\Windows\System32. Worst case scenario copy DLL from C:\Windows\SysWOW64 to a folder with game's executable.... either way, don't download dlls alone that come from from OpenAL, C++ redist, DirectX redist.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Andytizer in Best way to play Minecraft?   
    Thanks for the responses all - 
    I decided to get Minecraft Java edition based on the responses here. However once I got to the website I realised I actually purchased Minecraft in 2014. However, I had never migrated my account to the newer Mojang account system and couldn't login or reset my password. I emailed support and chased several times - it took from August 27th to October 7th (41 days!) to finally get my account back. Obviously we live in strange times but 41 days is really really long time to be locked out of a game - especially one of the most popular games on the planet. 
    Anyway I'll try to report back to see what my son thinks of the game! Right now he's in the middle of a Plants vs Zombies 1 phase but will try to introduce Minecraft to him very soon.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to zeptobst in Best way to play Minecraft?   
    Since he mentioned iMac and MacBook, it's important to know that Bedrock can only run on Windows 10. Java Edition supports Windows, MacOS and Linux.
    I'd call Bedrock the "kid version", since it's more stripped down in features compared to Java, and getting access to w.i.p versions is a nightmare on Bedrock. If you want to play on older versions of the game, or want to play alot of custom maps, Java is the only choice for the former, and the superior choice for the latter. 
    On the other hand, Bedrock is much more optimized than Java, as such it will perform better on lower-end hardware. Java will tend to chug quite a bit pretty often, and the render distance will have a very big impact on performance. Bedrock can go way above the render distance of Java (32 chunks for Java vs 72 chunks for Bedrock). 
    For multiplayer, if local multiplayer is all you want, Java is your best bet, but if you want to play with friends online outside of servers, then Bedrock is a simpler and better solution.
    In my opinion, the best overall experience is playing the Java Edition, with more options, mods, servers... It's a much cleaner experience.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to icup321 in Rare/Obscure PC versions   
    Good news, the lost PC version of Frogger: Ancient Shadow has been found, the assets have been released as well! However, it's currently at an unplayable state due to the game using multiple layers of DRM, in fact, the game itself might not even be fully playable because there is a high chance some of the assets are missing due to the game needing a constant internet connection to stream/download the game's assets. We might be able to make the game fully playable if we were to strip the game of its DRM and port over whatever assets are missing from the console versions. For now we at least have the base PC version archived, all we need are talented reverse-engineers interested enough to get this game fully playable again.

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    mrpenguinb reacted to Luigi master89 in Rare/Obscure PC versions   
    Livewire is such a delightfully 90's looking game, I love it.  Thank you for sharing it.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Aemony in Option to stay logged in on Wiki   
    It's a known limitation of the current SSO functionality of the wiki system. Our sysadmin is aware of the issue, however to fix it I believe he needs to rework it or something like that, something he have yet have had time to do.
    But yeah, we're all basically affected and it will be solved eventually 🙂
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    mrpenguinb reacted to EVERGREEN in GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer - automated game tweaking   
    I'm going to try to stay as respectful and constructive as I can, but I am really against this kind of thing. More specifically, the idea of selling this program. Let me elaborate.
    I've been a contributor here for a while, and a modder for decades. One of my most recent project is for the Arkham games, a full overhaul. We made a custom launcher to replace the vanilla one, which basically does what your tool does (and more) but only for Arkham Asylum.

    Mind you, I am not saying any code was stolen, or that the standard UE3 tweaks we (the Arkham team) suggested are ours - it is standard UE3 stuff after all. Public knowledge.
    But here's the problem. I understand there is a lot of work being done to make this tool compatible with a lot of different engines. However what that also means is that you can basically lift every PCGW page's content and roll it into a program... That is closed source, and that you're selling. In modding circles I'm involved with, it is seen as leeching on a never-before-seen level to put it mildly. I've heard some very, very harsh criticism of this project in said circles. I am not saying that you are indeed just lifting wholesale PCGW's pages, but there's no way to prove it or disprove it and thus, it will always remain a concern.

    If the program was free, I would applaud the effort and if it was open source, I'm sure a lot of people would give you a hand (i.e experienced modders with this or that engine etc.). Myself included. The lack of credits is also an issue many people have, and that I stand with. I understand you do have your own exclusive tweaks, but how about the more common ones? Repackaging them and selling it, without credits on top of that, makes a lot of people I've talked to reject the idea immediately. 

    I felt like expressing those concerns as politely as I can, I have no ill-will towards the tool's author but I cannot approve the project as it is now. With that said, there is no denying that such a tool could improve PC gaming as a whole, and that's the sad part. The price itself isn't a problem IMO, it's the fact of selling it itself. Even as a Patreon reward it wouldn't fly - just look at what's happening with Marty's RTGI Reshade shader for a good example: a lot of people are distributing it freely as a way of showing disapproval. This is most likely what's going to happen if it keeps being sold. To be clear, I do not approve this kind of behavior either, but it is the most likely outcome. 

    I would suggest having a donation prompt instead, and having it open source; that would negate the crediting concerns and as always, if people like what you're doing, they will throw you some money. This is exactly what happened with the Arkham & Nier: Automata projects I'm involved with and I can assure you people will donate. On the other hand, asking for an "entry fee" in modding circles is never a good idea - Skyrim's paid mod & Creation Club are a good example too. This is most likely why this project doesn't get - and IMO will not get - much traction, sadly.

    With all of that said, I'd like to emphasis that I am not for starting a crusade against this project or its author. And if you're reading this and agree with my thoughts, please don't do that.

    Ultimately I sincerely hope some kind of middle ground can be found, as a tool like that would be a great benefit to everyone.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Andytizer in GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer - automated game tweaking   
    This software looks like would be an ideal local software companion to PCGamingWiki. However as it stands, there are too barriers to entry for the average user. Firstly the fact that there is a cost at all will mean you won't get the adoption or numbers you need to incentivise you to maintain this going into the future. Secondly we as a community need to know it'll be maintained for years to come, and it either needs to come from a very established team or it needs to be open source so that others can use it in the future. Thirdly one developer can't maintain fixes for all these games and needs a critical mass of users to contribute constantly and I think it's only posible if you make it free an open source. To make monetisation work I suggest ads/Patreon - look at SideQuest or GameSave Manager for good examples of this kind of model.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Andytizer in What are your PC gaming predictions for the next decade?   
    I would like to invite community to predict what major PC gaming changes will happen over the next decade, please comment below if you have any thoughts. My own predictions are rather dour, I can see the 'end of PC gaming' as we currently know it will happen at some point in the future, but will it happen in this decade or in 50 years from now?      Current year 2020: Microsoft releases Xbox Series X and xCloud. Sony releases PlayStation 5.   Future: Microsoft Xbox sales higher than Sony PlayStation spelling the beginning of the end of Sony’s gaming division. Xbox Game Pass and xCloud merge to become thede facto game subscription system on their unified console/PC platform.   Steam release Steam Cloud, a desktop streaming service where you can play all your Steam games streamed directly from their content delivery network ala Stadia. It becomes a popular option for PC gamers that competes with Xbox Game Pass.   Stadia shuts down in 2023 due to lack of consumer interest which is overshadowed by Xbox Game Pass and Steam Cloud.   Microsoft release Xbox Series X Desktop, a new hybrid console and light PC that runs Windows X, a stripped down Windows OS that can only play Xbox games and run Microsoft Store apps and OneDrive/Office 365 and is designed to be used with keyboard, mouse and monitor. The next Xbox ‘console’ will run Word and Excel and kids will get them to do homework on.   At the end of the decade, light PCs emerge as the dominant new product range in general - with locked down operating systems and heavy cloud integration but with good enough gaming capabilities. Think Chromebooks but with passable GPUs and frictionless access to game streaming services and cloud services. PC hardware begins to become relegated to enterprise and hobbyist pursuits.   DRM like Denuvo becomes less relevant as games and consumers move to convenient subscriptions or streaming services. Game ownership question becomes far less important to gamers (see what happened to ‘music ownership’ once Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube became popular). PC games become far more consumable, one-time use products and general users stop caring as much about game preservation.   Ultrawide resolutions rise from <2% to 25% adoption rate due to popular use in enterprise, replacing the 16:9 aspect ratio. 4K adoption languishes as computing performance begins to plateau and convenience of streaming takes over where 4K streams are heavily compressed.   Oculus releases another all-in-one successor Oculus Quest 2 and discontinue all other product lines ie Oculus Rift. Overall sales of VR games still do not dominate. VR games will only peak at up to 20% of the market, and it will be focused on the all-in-one product line and not PC VR.    Despite the short term success of Half-Life: Alyx, Valve Index sales slump and Valve step out of production of VR hardware due to low sales ala Steam Controller but still push SteamVR as the platform neutral choice. Third parties still compete on low cost VR headsets but Oculus Quest 2's Android platform will be the de facto place for VR gaming.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to AnotherGills in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Insider Program preparing for preview build sign-up   
    While Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series has been dormant for many years, the franchise is finally making it's long-awaited return.

    In a fashion similar to Microsoft’s handling of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, an Insider Program was established for Flight Simulator. Members of the Insider Program will be eligible to apply early next month for the title’s upcoming first preview build. The general public will be eligible to apply in late August.

    There is currently no information regarding the actual launch date or window of the preview build.

    Are you hyped to play the MIcrosoft Flight Simulator preview build?
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