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    mrpenguinb reacted to hacker?pcs for a file, Zoo Tycoon 2 All Editions Widescreen Fixes   
    Password = "pcgw"
    Pick the exe for your version and place zWidescreen.z2f in the install directory besides it.
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Deton24 for a file, Creative Alchemy   
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    mrpenguinb reacted to Volcano_Master for a file, DirectInput Force Feedback Driver for XInput - Masahiko Morii   
    Complete DirectInput Force Feedback Driver for XInput - Masahiko Morii MSI pack including all versions ever released!
    Very rare to find nowadays.
    List of files xi.win7.x64.en.msi > Windows 7 x64/64bit English xi.win7.x86.en.msi > Windows 7 x86/32bit English xi.wlh.x64.en.msi > Windows Vista x64/64bit English xi.wlh.x86.en.msi > Windows Vista x86/32bit English xi.wnet.x64.en.msi > Windows XP x64/64bit English xi.wxp.x86.en.msi > Windows XP x86/32bit English xi.win7.x64.ja.msi > Windows 7 x64/64bit Japanese xi.win7.x86.ja.msi > Windows 7 x86/32bit Japanese xi.wlh.x64.ja.msi > Windows Vista x64/64bit Japanese xi.wlh.x86.ja.msi > Windows Vista x86/32bit Japanese xi.wnet.x64.ja.msi > Windows XP x64/64bit Japanese xi.wxp.x86.ja.msi > Windows XP x86/32bit Japanese
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    mrpenguinb reacted to ToppestOfDogs for a file, Sonic Heroes Settings   
    Unofficial Settings configuration tool for Sonic Heroes. It's faster than the default launcher and comes with options for 720p, 1080p and 4K, in 16:9 widescreen, and comes with Xinput support pre-configured.
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