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  1. 6 hours ago, marioguy789 said:


    I actually solved this issue by following the instructions given in by penguin:

    I did a clean installation of the game onto a different drive and kept it strictly out of the Program Files directories.  When the game ran for the first time, I also turned off my other two monitors as to not confuse the application.  The game now works fine along with the proper frame limit and dgVoodoo fixes listed in the PC Gaming Wiki page for this game.

    Will update to solved.

    Glad to see you got the game working now! That's some good troubleshooting.

    Some older games can't handle multiple monitors, like Spider-man: The Movie I think (the game of the movie). It's best to install any old games outside of Program Files if you can, it makes things simpler in terms of isolating potential problems/issues.

  2. On 9/13/2021 at 1:12 AM, bez said:

    Took a look and for some reason quite some files are supposedly missing or are read only

    Those are normal messages in Process Monitor, don't worry.

    11 hours ago, bez said:

    Also tried the Steam version directly from Steam (so completely legit) same problem even there.

    Check to see the language settings on a computer where the game works and see if there are any language/region differences with your main computer.

    If you want to, you can do a Process Monitor log/capture on the computer that has the issues and take another log/capture on a different computer where the game works, you can then compare the captures. To compare the captures, export both of the captures to .CSV files and use WinMerge to compare the captures.

  3. 6 minutes ago, bez said:

    Dutch, but I reinstalled Windows first in that language and got the same problem when I installed it in English, also, I installed Fable on a friends computer with the same (english version) and the game worked perfectly there.

    If you know how to use Process Monitor, you could monitor what files are missing or causing issues (add Fable.exe to the filter) Other than that, I'm stumped.

  4. I'm all for it. Newer games are catching up with UI scaling, there are still some edge cases though. Older games can benefit massively from this.

    However, hacking resolution scaling can make things glitchy than they would be normally. For example: duplicate mouse cursors, mouse region issues and possibly VRAM limitations with wrapping depending on the resolution forced.

    I think it's an important feature for maintaining the UX experience in-game along with the graphical fidelity. It would be convenient to refer to PCGW if this capability/feature was documented.

  5. Here's a list of archived setup files for 3D Instructor and City Car Driving, which is where I have obtained most of the setup files from:

    Source: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.multisoft-sale.ru/setup/*

    3D Instructor_2.2.0_Home_106.exe            
    3D Instructor_2.2.10_Home_123.exe            
    3D Instructor_2.2.7_Home_123.exe            
    3D Instructor 106.exe            
    3D Instructor 123.exe            
  6. 18 hours ago, cuzbabytonight said:

    It used to be available here but the wayback machine never saved the file. If you have it please share it, as the game these doesn't seem to have any demo at all.

    I've located 3D Instructor 1.23 and 1.06 (corrupted) and 2.2.4 (if that's of any use).
    1.23 runs on Windows 10 without any tweaks/fixed.

    3D Instructor 1.23 and 1.06: https://archive.org/details/3d-driving-instructor-123
    3D Instructor 2.2.4: https://archive.org/details/3-d-instructor-2.2.4-home

    Version 1.23 that I found seems to be 1.4 however.
    This is all quite confusing..... the version numbers are confusing and gets even more complicated since the game goes under two names which both have completely different versioning.

  7. 1. Go to "Display" settings in the Windows 10 Settings app, scroll-down and go to "Graphics settings".

    2. Under "Choose an app to set preference", select "Desktop app" and click "Browse".

    3. Browse to where Mega Man Legends is located, select the "MEGAMAN.EXE" exectuable and click "Add".

    4. The game will have been added to the list in the Windows 10 Settings app.

    5. Click "Options". Make sure to select "High performance GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX".

    6. Run the game.

    Let me know if you have any issues and if it works.

  8. What are your laptops specifications? Such as CPU, Graphics Cards/Chips, RAM. The issue with being unable to run the game on your laptop is probably being caused by the alien GPU's that it has, as Mega Man Legends wasn't designed to run on laptops. That isn't even considering how many slight differences in laptop hardware and specification there are compared to a desktop. dgVoodoo2 should fix the graphical issues on your laptop, as it reinterprets everything that the game will try to do, acting as a blanket/buffer.


  9. Are the graphics working properly now? If the graphics display properly, extract dgVoodoo again, making sure that all the .dll's and stuff are copied (shown in attached screenshot).

    After re-installing dgVoodoo, right-click MEGAMAN.EXE, go to Properties, then Compatibility and tick "Run in 640x480 screen resolution", Apply and close. (remember to revert this later!)

    Copying what cloudhaacker said,  "Open up dgVoodoo and on the DirectX tab check Disable & Passthrough to real DirectX. We have to turn it off temporarily to change the renderer. Start the game, and once it starts try pressing F7. In the first cutscene with the ship and the clouds you should see an immediate effect, the clouds look like they're outlined when DirectX wrapper is turned on this is what you want, and the door will look right in the first scene after starting a new game, otherwise the door is almost black. Once you have the right renderer picked, use F9 to exit to menu then again to exit game, untick "Run in 640x480 screen resolution" and uncheck the Disable box in dgVoodoo to renable it."



  10. 13 minutes ago, marioguy789 said:


    I'm really just not sure how I'm supposed to do anything that's listed.  I figured out that I could change my display adapter to 640x480, but then you said that I didn't actually have to do that, so I don't know which one it is.  Am I supposed to have dgVoodoo active in the root directory of Mega Man Legends or no?  Can WineD3D and dgVoodoo exist in the same folder or no?  Am I actually supposed to change my resolution or no?  I can't keep any of it straight.

    First, reduce your monitor's resolution down to 800x600. Remove every single .dll file in the root directory of Mega Man Legends directory.

    Don't worry about WineD3D. Instead, right-click MEGAMAN.EXE, go to Properties, Compatibility, tick Reduced colour mode and set to 16-bit colour.

    Make sure MEGAMAN.EXE isn't running in the background by checking Task manager. You should be able to use F7 properly now.

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