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  1. Lord of the Rings: War in the North. The game would just lose all stability by the end mission especially for AMD systems. The only fix is to uninstall the game and cry in a corner that you spent all that time and money for a game that will not give you a conclusion. EDIT: The feeling's made even worse because the game is actually kind of a good action rpg.
  2. Mars: War Logs https://store.steampowered.com/app/232750 I wouldn't say it's my favorite critically panned game but it's the first one that comes to mind. It has a nice framework for a deep and mature rpg but is obviously hamstrung by the low budget and scaled-down vision. But at least the devs, Spiders Studios, are making a new and better rpg with the same mechanics as Mars: War Logs. Kind of accepting that it won't be as strong a title like say Lords of the Fallen or Witcher 3 but it'll probably be a nice game on its own. http://www.boundbyflame.com/
  3. I don't know how to order these from least favorite to the favorite game but my list is: Neverwinter Nights with all expansions, The Longest Journey, Syberia, The Witcher 2, and Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition (a cop out so the expansion and the dlc's are included). Now, I know this a top five list but I have to give an honorable mention for these games that filled my childhood with so much joy: Splinter Cell, Medieval: Total War (1 & 2), Mirror's Edge, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Fallout 3, Counter-Strike, Command and Conquer, AND Empire Earth.
  4. It's weird. I'd initially thought family sharing would allow me to play a LAN game with my brother. And I kind of think this family sharing is useless because the principle of it is already available with steam. Just set to offline mode your main pc and then login to your secondary pc so you can download and install games. With that you could still play the same game on both pc's. I tried it with Medieval II: Total War and had a LAN battle with my brother. But it's still a nice start to hopefully a system where we can sell activated keys of games we don't really want to play. I'm lookin
  5. Here's an animator I really like maybe you could ask him to animate for you.
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