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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from Andytizer in Taxonomy is a waste of time   
    While I agree that the way we had series hindered pages in large franchises, I definitely would like something verbose like this at the bottom of the page to be able to quickly navigate between pages:
    It helps SEO, too.
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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from Waschbär in Taxonomy is a waste of time   
    While I agree that the way we had series hindered pages in large franchises, I definitely would like something verbose like this at the bottom of the page to be able to quickly navigate between pages:
    It helps SEO, too.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Cptmold in Game executable names to articles   
    I actually think this is a solid idea.  I would take this a step further and use this to point out if the EXE is in a subfolder as well (example: {{P|game}}\Binaries\Danielle\x64\Release\Prey.exe)
    Normally I would also say that Installation Folder isn't all that helpful, but there are some edge cases that are... unreasonable.  Most notably, you may have trouble finding Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 in your Steamapps\common folder.  That's because it's called Suzy.  I could see it being standard practice to have an {{ii}} under game data if the folder has a strange name such as this, or note that every game in a collection has its own data stored in a dedicated subfolder.
    It would probably be best as a table in #Game_data as @SirYodaJedi suggested, with Mac/Linux file names directly below the Windows EXE.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Waschbär in Taxonomy is a waste of time   
    On a sidenote: Is it really necessary for the "series" table to be replaced by the taxonomy link? Not only does it give a quick overview but also allows one to jump quickly between the titles. Now I have to visit another page - which also doesn't offer much more valuable information.
    I think this would be one case where a duplicate information is acceptable. And if it's about the number of titles for some series becoming longer and longer, maybe just make the table collapsible and only show a handful until someone clicks "expand" or something.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Odie5533 in Proposal: Achievements support   
    I would like to propose that the existence of achievements for a game be somehow catalogued. It can vary by platform like when Steam has achievements but Origin or Xbox does not. I think PCGamingWiki is the most suitable source for cataloguing this information.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Odie5533 in Proposal: Achievements support   
    Possible ways:
    Adding it to the Infobox. Adding it to the {{Availability}} box alongside each platform. Categories [[Games with Steam Achievements]] Adding a new Achievements template to the Other information section. I am keen on the last method. The template could even be written to automatically add the page to certain categories if that functionality were desired.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to BONKERS in Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing   
    I have to draw the line that forcing SSAA,MSAA,SGSSAA,TrSSAA should be considered Hackable because these all have to hooked in at the driver level at the appropriate state during rendering. (Hence the need for compatibility bits)

    It's not at all like FXAA or SMAA since those are Post Process shaders that are GPU agnostic.  You aren't just taking the final 2D Buffer like the MCable and slapping a filter on it. (Though using FXAA/SMAA with downsampling can be very beneficial https://imgsli.com/OTE5NQ)

    Forcing AA at the driver level for Nvidia cards is not a Post Process. And are essentially seen as a driver hack, they require special compatibility  bits to be set (Using a third party program) by most games in order to function correctly. Otherwise you'd be able to do it in DX10,11,newer OGL versions without issue. But you can't because Nvidia didn't bother building in the support into the driver to hook into those kinds of backends. (Because hardware level AA support by developers was decreasing significantly at the turn of the decade, due to moving to deferred rendering where it was claimed often that they couldn't support things like MSAA. Guess what? Nvidia has the capabilities to hook in MSAA support to a ton of DX9 deferred rendering games.)

    Often games will require specific things to be setup in addition to compatibility bits for things to work properly. Take FFXIV for example, there are multiple compatibility flags you can use, This image uses a flag that specifically tells the driver to skip the primary flip chain in order to not have SGSSAA process the UI elements. https://imgsli.com/MTAyNDI
    But did you also know that you have to use the depreciated DX9 backend to use SGSSAA and did you also know that if you change the in game Gamma setting to *anything* but 50/100 it will completely break forced Anti Aliasing?

    Take Crysis 3 for example, it runs on DX11 and you can't "Force" AA. But you can use the in game MSAA,SMAA S2x/4x or TXAA and the driver can hook into those passes  (MSAA derivatives) to "Enhance" the AA instead. This becomes highly dependent on the game engine implementation of those techniques and often is lower quality than forcing AA (It is the only option because there's nothing built into the driver to force AA in DX11) but it still has to be hooked in the game engine by the driver to work.
    You can enable MFAA, TrSSAA or SGSSAA on top of the above mentioned. Using SGSSAA causes a bug with grass rendering that depends on which AA you use as a basis. In all cases it cause blades of grass to become very soft and the overall quality is lacking due to the poor MSAA implementation in game. However doing all of this at a higher resolution and downsampling to your desired resolution can mitigate most of the problems or make them less obvious. Aside from FXAA or SMAA on top to clean up edges before resolve (As shown in example above) all of this has to happen at an engine level first. Does that not qualify as "hackable" ?

    It's definitely not as often as simple as using SweetFX or Reshade.(And it gets a bit more complicated if you want to use modern Reshade in addition to forcing AA. As it requires an additional compatibility flag and the forced AA depending on which one will interact and change how the ReShade effects appear. SGSSAA with Reshade Sharpening for example will require much stronger settings than without SGSSAA because SGSSAA replays all shading for all aspects of rendering not just geometry like MSAA and so it will also effectively be anti aliasing the sharpening pass as well. Depending on what effects you are using it can get a little complicated)

    In my mind that qualifies as "Hackable" because the game has no support for it, but the driver has to hook into the game engine to make it work. People visit a page for a game because they want specific information for that game. They shouldn't have to dig through other pages to eventually find information on AA for that specific game that they probably have no idea may even exist in the first place. 

    Anisotropic Filtering, I feel the same way about because tons of games don't offer it at all, their in-engine version is of lower quality(Like Crysis 2/3 for example. Even at it's highest AF in Crysis 2 is significantly lower quality than the driver verison. Similar to this Just Cause 3 comparison) (http://images.nvidia.com/geforce-com/international/comparisons/just-cause-3/just-cause-3-nvidia-control-panel-anisotropic-filtering-interactive-comparison-001-on-vs-off-rev.html) or their in game option tops out at a lower setting. For games that don't have the option at all, I feel that hackable is appropriate because it's possible that your average user doesn't know they can set it up globally in the driver to override what game engines do.

    Maybe a better middle ground instead of "hackable", for any game that there is something possible for, there should be a link in the AA field that just says " See Nvidia Anti Aliasing compatibility "And that would be enough of an indication to the user to search that for information for that specific game. And only put this link on pages for games that there is Nvidia specific things you can do for AA as shown in the spreadsheet.  (Often the best quality performance trade off isn't just forcing AA from the driver it's actually a hybrid solution involving forcing AA+ other methods on top. Or enhancing a game's built in MSAA or MSAA derivative in addition to Downsampling which is OGSSAA. Things like this are listed for games with poor or no potential to force AA)

     For generalized explanations of what is what the glossary serves as fine information.
    But for game with specific instructions it is unsatisfactory to send people there to find out information for a specific game.
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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from Blackbird in Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing   
    It's because that's what the editing guide says to do. I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I believe there is another thread with discussion about it. 
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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from Antrad in Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing   
    It's because that's what the editing guide says to do. I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I believe there is another thread with discussion about it. 
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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from Rose in Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing   
    It's because that's what the editing guide says to do. I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I believe there is another thread with discussion about it. 
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Antrad in Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing   
    I am annoyed that some bots and some users go around and set these to "false" and delete the user notes when it is written that they can be forced through the GPU panel, and it is left with the default "See the glossary for potential workarounds".
    Forcing these can cause texture artifacts in some cases, and forced anti-aliasing doesn't always work, so when I write "can be forced" it means I tested it. I would leave it as hackable, rather than false with default message.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to alrayes_brn in Proposal: Utilize YouTube channel for infrequent PCGW streams and podcasts   
    Im in for podcasts and streaming games, I think its a good start. We might find others who want to do different things like record fixes and guides.
    But when it comes to priorities, having guides is more important. Such as the examples that Andy have mentioned.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to AnotherGills in Octopath Traveler removes Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM   
    The Square-Enix and Acquire developed RPG, Octopath Traveler, was released on June 7th, 2019 for PC. As with many of Square-Enix's recent Japanese releases, this title was packaged with the Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM solution. This copy-protection stayed uncracked for months, before finally being cracked by the Italian scene group CPY on September 8th, 2019.
    On November 5th, nearly two months after being cracked, Square-Enix has finally removed Denuvo from Octopath Traveler. This is the first instance in which Square-Enix has removed Denuvo from one of their developed titles.
    Square-Enix has not made any statement regarding this removal.
    Perhaps in the coming months, Square-Enix will remove the DRM from their major backlog of titles containing Denuvo, such as Nier: Automata and Dragon Quest XI.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Andytizer in TweakGuides shutting down, rehosted by PCGamingWiki   
    Koroush announced recently that TweakGuides, one of the best sources of PC game tweaks, is sadly going to be shutting down. 
    Koroush has graciously allowed third parties to mirror the TweakGuides website under the Creative Commons Attribution International (CC BY 4.0) license. PCGamingWiki articles contain multiple references to TweakGuides, and we have decided to mirror and preserve the content so that our links are not broken when the main site goes offline.
    You can find the mirror at tweakguides.pcgamingwiki.com and all the Wiki's internal links have been updated to the new address.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Nccvoyager in Should PCGamingWiki include information on how to mod games to unlock DLC/preorder content?   
    To be honest, it likely needs to be assessed on a per-title basis, especially for games released after the rise of digital distribution.
    For older games, it seems more cut and dry as to whether it would be allowed or not, though there are still some areas that would require discussion.
    As I posted in the Discord, (where this is copied from, though this is cleaned up a bit more,) I'm thinking we could categorize content unlocking into a few categories:
    Do not mention:
    -Unlocking paid (nor previously paid and now delisted) content.
    -Unlocking content directly included in the game files that used to be paid or would have likely been intended to be paid judging from the same content being paid for console releases.
    -Unlocking content not directly included in the game files that is available on other platforms, whether it is paid or free on other platforms.
    -Unlocking content that is free on other platforms, and is included in the game files for the PC release, but does not include story elements. (Cosmetics don't affect gameplay; not worth the trouble.)
    -Unlocking preorder exclusive content.
    -Unlocking content that is specifically intended to be platform-specific to non-PC platforms.
    Maybe mention that it's possible to unlock the content, but do not mention how to do it:
    -Unlocking content that is free on other platforms, and is included in the game files for the PC release, and includes story elements. (Gameplay altering/changing content that's already in the game; it was just never released and doesn't seem to be intended to be released at a later date.)
    Free to mention:
    -Unlocking content that is included in the game files but never released by the time final DLC and patches are released. (Assuming the content isn't released and isn't paid on other platforms.)
    -Unlocking content that is included in the game files but was never fully completed. (Cut content. Best to discuss on a per-title basis though as it may not be worth recording on PCGW.)
    -Unlocking content that was part of limited time promotional offers. (Assuming generic codes from the promotions can be used indefinitely, and no purchase was necessary as per the promotion's rules. Cosmetic-only content may not be worth recording on PCGW, though other items that may affect gameplay may be worth recording.)
    -Unlocking bonus content that was included with physical copies of games but may not be included with digital copies. (For example, Evil Genius' bonus content? Stuff like that where it was seemingly intended to be free for everyone, but just wasn't distributed with all copies of the game.)
    -Unlocking bonus content that was only ever provided for free download. (For example, scenarios for RollerCoaster Tycoon made by the developers and officially released by them for free.)
    I put a bit of work into separating these out, and tried to stick to keeping the policy on piracy in mind.
    While there are some things that may fall under "do not mention" that could theoretically be okay, it's a moot point; the whole point of the policy is to eliminate (or at the very least limit) PCGW's liability.
    As much as it sucks that it could mean the loss of content in the future (no matter the relative status of that content) that's the way it has to be.
    Any thoughts on this list?
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to AnotherGills in 32GB RAM recommended for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA backtracks   
    With less than two months until release, EA has finally revealed the system requirements for Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.
    The specs were posted on the game's Origin store page:

    While most of the specifications are fairly run of the mill for typical triple-A releases, many are shocked at the extremely high recommended system memory, a whopping 32 GB of RAM.
    Hours later, EA updated the specs, lowering the recommended memory to only 16GB of RAM. Ben Walke, Global Community Lead for EA released a tweet on the matter, simply stating:

    Neither EA nor Respawn has given a comment as to why the initial recommendation was 32GB of RAM, and how or why they were able to reduce it to only 16GB of RAM. Also, there is currently no information regarding what settings and/or frame rate these recommended specifications correlate with.
    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launches on November 15, 2019. Will you be picking this game up, regardless of the recommended specs?
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to DrCat in AA, AF, Vsync and forcing through GPU   
    I think that anything requiring actions outside of the game itself, regardless of how mundane and/or safe those actions are, should be considered as "hackable" and not "true".
    But I guess that decision is ultimately up to the higher authroities of this website.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Mars icecream in Tips for cat owners   
    Do not place your PC on the floor, may suck more cat hair in.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Aemony in Should PCGamingWiki include information on how to mod games to unlock DLC/preorder content?   
    It's a more complex discussion and one not relevant to the topic described in this thread, but the general gist, or underlying reasoning, of the policy is arguably to prevent PCGW from providing instructions to users how to bypass/circumvent/remove DRM, as such a thing might not be legal in all countries worldwide.
    In that sense, merely providing instructions on how to "copy files" etc would be in violation if those instructions were provided with the intention of knowingly and directly circumventing the DRM of a title. So it comes down to, among other things, whether the need of the disc is due to DRM or if it is due to some form of requirement at the time (e.g. needing the disc to offload some data from the HDD to keep storage requirements low).
    Beyond that, No-CD patches and the like have usually been ignored (as in, PCGW "looks the other way") when they've been bundled with other fixes if the overall fix itself if beneficial to users. A balancing act, basically.
    The vagueness of the current policy is both to our benefit and our detriment, both because of its current nature where it allows for flexibility and difference in interpretations.
    Take my two comments on that Star Wars: Dark Forces section as an example. My previous 4 months old comment was made when focusing on the initial sentence of the policy, and took a hard line judgement based on that. However this time around, I instead focus more overall on what the policy is actually intended for, and especially on the third restriction: "Finally, do not give details on how to install/use the patch/application and how to fix any issues that come up while using said patch/application." In this case, I'd interpret the "install/use" portion to mean that providing detailed instructions in the way that the Star Wars: Dark Forces section does might have it violate the policy as well.
    This is all sorta moot though, since I haven't (intentionally) actually bothered to fully contemplate and look into the matter with Star Wars: Dark Forces since that section involves DOSBox, and I am uncertain of how that changes things around (I am not a user of DOSBox, so I am not familiar with its limitations or restrictions that might be relevant or affect the matter).
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to DAOWAce in Should PCGamingWiki include information on how to mod games to unlock DLC/preorder content?   
    I'm all for unlocking of "on disc" content for everyone.  You paid for the game as it is; if there's content that's arbitrarily locked "on-disc" (on release) unless you pay an additional cost for, then that's anti-consumer and the publisher shouldn't be respected for it, as they're not respecting their customers.
    If paid DLC comes out after the release of the game and was not in the game files on release, then sure, it can stay locked away even if it can be unlocked via file editing (which seems to be 50/50 in my experiences, sometimes patches include all the content, other times DLC content is not downloaded unless you purchase it).
    For others: "Abandonware" or unpurchasable games? Unfinished content? Finished but unreleased content due to licensing/region restrictions?  These all get my vote towards providing instructions to "unlock" content for them, even if some of these err on the side of piracy.
    Aside from that, the real problem is moderating select things.. which results in the only solution of not allowing anything in the first place, except for that example of KOTOR2 unfinished game content.. which was before the "DLC" times.  It's unfortunate, but I can see some publisher being their corporate greedy selves and trying to come down on PCGW in response to an article instructing users in how to unlock a 50¢ outfit..
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Expack3 in Publisher tinyBuild won't patch or update GOG games "because games are continuously torrented through DRM free builds"   
    tinyBuild's stance on this is so backwards it's obvious they DNDTR (Did Not Do The Research).
    Games with DRM have their soundtracks pirated online via YouTube, with the uploaders using in-game - nowadays lossless - recordings if there's no official soundtrack. They also seem blind to the fact deluxe-edition soundtracks - even on Steam - are literally a bunch of files that anyone can upload. In other words, DRM-free upon download completion.
    Why offer DRM-free builds of a game when people know they'll never be updated for fear of enabling piracy.
    Also, they apparently are unaware of the convenience argument. For example, they can just upload their soundtracks to YouTube Music, Spotify, or whatever, so people who would otherwise pirate them can listen for free and tinyBuild would still get money.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Garrett in Tim Sweeney blames Valve for crowdfunding uproar, claims Steam "traps crowdfunded projects" on their platform   
    Tim Sweeney in 2016: Microsoft wants to monopolise games development on PC. We must fight it.
    Tim Sweeney in 2019: I want to monopolise games distribution on PC. You must buy it.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Rose in Subtitles in games with text-based dialogue   
    It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to see a game with subtitles set to n/a for when all of the dialogue is text-based.
    Say I'm hearing impaired or I want to play a game at work but remain aware of the real world around me, or have any other reason to not want to hear any dialogue - I may use the wiki to look for games that have subtitles. If we had a list for such games, I would naturally sort to highlight the ones set to true, not something as obscure as n/a. You may convince me otherwise, but the real question is whether it would be as apparent to a newcomer.
    Besides, by dictionary definition subtitles do not have to accompany any voiced dialogue. One of the two Merriam-Webster definitions for subtitle is
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Marioysikax in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Quick performance analysis   
    I'm hitting 500-600 FPS with all settings maxed out with i9-9900K+RTX2070, 2560x1440, so I'm using r.ScreenPrecentage 200 to get almost constant over 100 FPS. 
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Aemony in Proposal: UI Scaling parameter   
    Garrett's accessibility example seems to include this in the form of " HUD/UI/text size setting ": https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Garrett/Accessibility/sandbox
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